Sunday, October 30, 2011

BAD BLOGGING BRIGHT. I do love B's, but i still don't do B chords!

Hi Gang. Here is an update for you about some SOAR type things you may be noticing. I have just begun a series of solo Bright shows in which i will be singing some of the SOAR songs that have fallen off our regular playlist. I'm calling these the FORGOTTEN SESSIONS.
About six months ago we realised that some songs were starting to be forgotten and we have been keeping a list of the songs we sing at each show ever since. And, it is true. For a month or so we have been trying to include at least one of these songs in each of our shows but now with my Forgotten Sessions we hope to bring many more of them back to your ears, in a gig.
The first of these gigs was on Sunday at the Colour Factory. I sang our way through the following songs and finished off with our newest song, written the same day, called All of the Pieces.
Cry the Lucky Country
The Farmer
Did I Ever
In the Clouds
The Favourite Daughter
If I Could (Lalita's Song)
A Girl Like You, and
All of the Pieces

The Forgotten Sessions will likely be short notice impromptu shows, and promoted mostly in the SOAR group and SOM. So please get yourself into one of these if you would like to know when these shows are on.
As always, thanks for reading, and thank you for giving us so many reasons to write songs :)