Sunday, January 22, 2012

The story behind the story, of MESMERISED

You'll have to wait for just, the story :)

I had a wonderful burst of song writing in November last year. From it there are about ten songs happily in the song list for my shows in SecondLife. New songs dried up soon after but i didn't worry because i was very content with the November songs, and this is a cycle of songwriting that i have been through before.
As the new year began something was on my mind, and i do know that this is silly, that the songwriting output from 2010 and 2011 was going to be hard to match. Yeah, see, told you it was a silly thought. But i hadn't even written one for 2012 yet!
So i started to pick up my guitar and try a few things out and soon i had this four bar riff thing going that i really liked. Every day i would come back to the riff and start trying to develop it further and almost every time i would come up with a new version of a song based on the riff. But i wasn't quite ready to commit to any version and i kept writing more variations of the song. Maybe i ended up with seven! Anyways comes the day when i decide that the most recent version is the one to do a proper demo of.
In my head the song just sings. I just love it, in my head. So i record an acoustic guitar version - it sucks. But it cant be because the song is bad, so i do a more produced version - it sucks. But in my head, it is great.
I tried and tried, day after day, and every day i was getting deeper and deeper into January with still nothing to show for my efforts.
You prolly need to know this about me about now (repeated from earlier blogs i think) that i live in fear of not having any songs to write - of them just drying up. So i get nervous, real nervous :)
Finally i got so frustrated with this new song and my inability to make it work that i literally said "damn you song, i'm going to write a completely different one"! It's getting weird now isn't it :)
Twelve hours later i had finished Mesmerised, and a few days later i sang it for the first time, at the beautiful new venue, Ce Soir.

As for the original song, well it's headed to the SOAR vault for a bits.
You can listen to the song by clicking on the heading of this blog entry.
Thanks for reading and thank you for listening.
Have a sweet 2012 kids.