Wednesday, November 21, 2012


This week i finally debuted the song, Unexpected which completes "The Mandalay Trilogy". It was a back to front process as, "Unexpected" is the first song in the trilogy. 
Some of the song came quickly - the melody, a few lines of interesting lyrics and the lalalas of the chorus but then the demo spent some time in the SOAR Vault, while Experiment Rhode and i tried out different lyrics. It was the hardest of the three to finish and the finishing of it got overwhelmed by the next two songs.
I have sung the three songs one after the other in my shows but in normal circumstances this won't be the usual case - so I thought I would put all the lyrics here for you to read in sequence.
Thanks for reading. Hugs


Faint Sound of Insects in The Afternoon 
along the streets of ancient Mandalay
where I’m Falling
I’m Falling into love
Yes I’m Falling into love with you

A double Rainbow in a rain soaked Sky 
the smell of incense down a steamy lane
as I’m Falling
as I’m Falling into love
As I’m Falling into love with you

Soft Scent of Jasmine Floats upon The Breeze 
Takes Me To a Place (only) a woman sees
when she's Falling
she's Falling into love
when she's Falling into love with me

Tell me do you want to be my queen 
do you want to run away from the things 
you can't explain anymore

Cooling Purple Mist behind a Waterfall 
soft on our skin as the truth unfolds
that we're Falling
we're Falling into love
we're Falling into love in another world


Jasmine take a walk with me until we reach the sea 
listen as the fisherman's children play happily
and taste the salty air upon my lips and fingertips
then give yourself to me tonight like we were meant to be

So Jasmine from old England let me take soft hold of you 
and whisper what the prophet says about the coming of this day
No coincidence no rhyme no reason or complicated view
just you and i along the beach where the flying fishes play

Quiet Jasmine listen do you hear the things i hear
the early morning chatter rising from dark and ancient streets
the scent of oils and the touch of lace upon these silken sheets
brings me back to paradise to steal another kiss

Jasmine from old England from yesterday and far away
our lives have changed forevermore because of Mandalay
now not a single day will ever pass without the sharing of these words
that you and i have found our place and we will want no more


in the moment before waking when you're in another world
i reached out my hand and found you there
and we made a toast to innocence and the things it let us be
as we made our plans we smiled helplessly
would we climb high up to the pagoda
would we ask for buddhas blessings one more time
i don't know, what i would say if i hadn't had today

i remember our first breakfast you and i alone 
skipping along the riverbank like we were still at school
how we made a toast to silliness when laughter told us when
and i found the child within my heart again
then we climbed up to the old pagoda
and thanked holy buddha for his peaceful prayers
then i tried, to find a way to thank you for this day

Now my heart knows the truth and its telling you how
that it wouldn't change  one little thing
my heart, your heart, our hearts, belong to love

When The lights on the horizon Ceased Their Jewelled Display
we pressed against each other where the willows trees swayed
and we made a toast to destiny and all that she would bring 
memorising each and every precious thing
so we danced until morning bid us home
and into each others arms we moved
i don't know, what i would say if i hadn't known today

i saw you on the balcony wrapped in a satin robe
and quietly i watched and admired the unknown
and we drank a toast to each other and all our memories
for we found love in Mandalay and now we can believe
and for every single moment more
i'll give thanks to every god that heaven knows
and then i'll say, in every way i know that i'll never let you go