Wednesday, June 12, 2013

This will be my tenth album of original songs (140+) since I began performing in Second Life a little more than four years ago and I have decided to make a fuss of it - in part to make up for the complete lack of fuss over the previous nine. 
For the first time I am going to wait until all songs are finished (apart from one) before people get to hear them. Then I will perform a number of shows in SL that include just my new songs. The only song this doesn't apply to is, Venice as I have already put it up on FB for folks to listen to.
This group of songs came in such a rush that there is still something to be completed in almost every song before it is ready to be performed and I am a bit overwhelmed by it at the moment. But by the end of June I should be able to plan the concert dates.

I think this group of songs fit nicely in with the direction my songwriting has been moving over the last four years. I am very content with them overall and I hope some of them will appeal  to the people I write them for - you! I need to be locked in a room, or taken to a beautiful beach house and be waited upon and pampered until the album is completed. Perhaps I just need some gentle prodding :) Go ahead - prod me!
So here then are the working titles of the new songs I hope to finish for this album. We shall see how many made the cut once I get to the new album shows. 
As with most of my albums a number of songs are co-written with, Experiment Rhode.
Thanks for reading
Hugs 'n things

To Another's Heart
Feeling Small
In The Pouring Rain
Stranger At Loves Door
I Saw A Rocketship
In The Vastness Of Space
Magenta Moons
Murray River Steamboat
I Saw You First
The Soldier
I Am A Child
Leaving Tuscon
Spring And Fall
Not Another
A Story About Trees