Monday, August 20, 2012

Sometimes you're up and sometimes you're down.

Someone, (maybe even your God) planned it this way - that throughout our lives there would be times when we needed a helping hand and other times when we were the helping hand.  Cast an eye around your life at this very moment and you will likely see this thread of human existence being played out. It is a beautiful thing :)
About ten days ago there was a 26 MUSIC MARATHON staged at the Colour Factory in SecondLife to support RebelMum Slade with whatever joy the music would bring, with whatever money it would raise, and to raise awareness of her battle against cancer and her pursuit of a wonderful adventure. The marathon WON on every level - but there is work to be done still.
But first. The music!!!! Just freaking incredible - some of SL's most generous and enjoyable and vibrant musicians - and at their very best. Max Kleene, Sid Slade, Josi Anderton, Theresa Nayer, AMForte, Edward Kyomoon, Tamra Hayden, Shannon Oherlihy, Gina Gracemount, Quantamis, Marky Helstein and SONIX, and the boys from SOAR. Thank you people, SO MUCH!
The organisers! Yep, yep and yep. Imagine trying to organise all of this, and then be there to make it happen. Whisper and Precious - you are such treasures. Hugs. And to the bunch of people who jumped at the chance to help everything along during the 26 hours - i saw what you were doing and it was wonderful. Big hugs to you folks too.
The money! YIKES. In SL linden dollar terms over 500,000 was raised. Around $US1900.
Truly amazing and just another example of people knowing when it is their turn to be the helping hands. Love you all! 
There is a wonderful review of the whole show at
The work still to be done. When you read RebelMum's blog you will know what more there is to be done. It will take more money to guide her and drive her on her adventure and more importantly it will take many more words of support and friendship to sustain her through good and bad days alike. Some of us can most easily do the money thing and some of us are more able to do the support and friendship thing - just another of the clever things about life - there is something of enormous value that each of us can do!
RebelMum is a wonderful person and a sweet sweet friend of mine. I commend her heart and her adventure to you. Please take a few minutes to read some more about her, in her own words :)
And as always, thanks for getting to the end of another blog post :)