Saturday, April 23, 2011

OH Bright you didn't! Oh yes i did! TWEET TWEET

Even though Classy warned me not to, ever, i have gone and done it! But let me explain.
You see it's funny how things work out. SOAR always wanted to be a contemporary band while at the same time acknowledging our musical roots and stuff, but as it's worked out we have about a century of musical roots and trends and influences covered. Experiment's love for the music of the 60's is so great that he is deeply rooted, erm, stuck, there (falls over laffin). He doesn't even believe there was a time called the 1950's let alone the 1970's et al. And Charles, well we have no idea really, but he is out there, way out there, so why don't we just agree that he's out there somewhere around 2050, and then there is me, Bright, determined to at least keep up with 2011. Thinks, maybe i should have used this exact same rationale to explain my search for a celebrity girlfriend. Erm, i digress. There you have it - SOAR the BAND of the CENTURY. I should work in advertising, or fraud.
So, this is why i opened another TWITTER account. I knew i must have already opened one when brightoh was already taken hehehe. You WOULD be CRAZY to play along with my twittering but if you DO it may be quite FUNNY too :) Here it is. Use it. Abuse it. Follow it. Whatever.


Now let's do it.
Thanks for reading.
Bright :)

WEBSITE UPDATES - layout, lyrics, slurl links, and stuff

We are working on a bit of a makeover to our website - hopefully you will find the page with all the links/pages clearly shown an aid to getting around our site. It is now the page that you will see when you go to
In particular more things will have pages of their own - like venues. Everything will still be crammed on to the main page for those of you who like to get a quick picture of all that is going on with SOAR.
Another set of 12 song lyrics has been uploaded for you to download as a PDF. If ever there is a SOAR song lyric that you would like a copy of just let one of the SOAR gang know and we should be able to send them to you :)
Also trying to get slurls linked wherever we have lists of upcoming gigs. I don't use slurls much but for those of you who do we will try to get them all done soon.
And a million other changes - but i forgets.
Thanks for visiting.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Chuck's Fabulous Fundamental Fishing Fiesta Fingy - Hooks and Earworms!

The fourth and final show in this set of shows at The Colour Factory features selections from Charles. Don't miss it! Now, over to Charles.

Chuck's Fabulous Fundamental Fishing Fiesta Fingy - Hooks and Earworms!
I'm hunting down those Catchy Choruses, Magical Melodies, Lingering lullabies of all things keyboardy, acousticky and stuff..
Plus you get me to hear me try and pronounce the name of my show ...

The Mirrors Eye
It's over
Now & Forever
Heart of the Crime
The Storm
That Final kiss
And the sun will shine
Not the Girl
The Hummingbird & Bee
Juliette ( pt 2)
Willow Tree

Thursday, April 7, 2011

How sweet and beautiful it is, and can be.

BOO. You know how i have a blog, and how i pretty much use it to talk about SOAR, well, i have been tempted to get political on it, broadly, worldly political, but then half the world loves you and half the world hates you - i like better odds than that. So here is what i am thinking.
When i found Gold and Dottie's great SL Music Review blog (there's a link over there on the right) i thought then that it would make great sense to at least add other SL Music related sites/blogs as links on mine. But as you can see there is still only one. So PLEASE if you happen to know of a good SL music related site/blog please let me know - it will help me add the best, more quickly.
When i was following some links from SL related blog to blog today i stumbled across one that was instantly appealing to me. It is one i want to explore more for sure. And so i have decided to provide links to non-music related SL sites/blogs as well - and without having so many that it just looks like a list for the sake of having a list. I hope some of you will find this one as appealing as i do, and once again, if you know of others that might just appeal to me, please let me know.

Look for the link to this great blog - over there on the right :)

Aren't art and photography and music and SL some of the grandest of all things in our world :)
Thanks for reading.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Luxurious Lexicon of Lyrical Luminosity

The third in our bunch of special shows at our Colour Factory gigs on Fridays, is Experiment's. Charles next week. At one of our ground stages, Friday, so don't miss it :) Now over to Experiment.
Welcome to Ex’s Soar Show. A show where I am delving into our songs that I feel have our most significant lyrics to date. Mind you there are more than just the dozen you will be hearing, some of which Bright & Mari acknowledged during their shows the past two Fridays so I skipped some of those so I could fit in some other deserving candidates.
So here is my “Luxurious Lexicon of Lyrical Luminosity”!

A Man Called Peter
An Empty House
The Old Backyard

The Crescent Moon
Kansas Skies
Across a Star Filled Sky

The Painting
Heart of The Crime
Song For a Broken Soul
Living on The Moon
Too Many Tears

Sunday, April 3, 2011

BE WARNED! I'M MOVIN' ON. Oh, hi there Paris...

The um speculation about my (Bright) love life has reached such a frenzy that i feel the need to make a public statement about the matter - here goes - takes a deep breath.
It was during a gig at the Sunset Jazz Club when Macaria blurted out in chat "Bright is still pining for Juliette". I thought about this revelation, albeit briefly, and then decided that indeed Macaria was correct. As many of you would know i then spent the rest of 2010 searching for Juliette, any Juliette, any number of Juliettes. So confident was i that the search would be successful that Chuck, EX and i even wrote two more songs, namely Juliette Part 2 and Juliette Part 3, to go with our earlier song about SL love, "I Fall", to form the famous SOAR Juliette Trilogy.
By the end of 2010, with still no Juliettes on my arm, another man may have panicked, perhaps even changed his outfit, anything, but not me :) But then - the sign - the way forward became clear. After SOAR were so cruelly denied the Grammy for Best Liner Notes this year i began to receive calls from entertainment industry publicists who were all saying that they wanted to work with SOAR because we had that certain something (though noone ever mentioned exactly what this was). And it was then that i realised that i, me, Bright Oh, needed to move on - move on to a celebrity girlfriend.
And that folks is todays announcement. I am moving on from Juliette, any Juliette, all Juliettes. Naturally to help me decide which celebrity girlfriend the creative team at SOAR, have once again rallied together and written the first song in SOAR's new Celebrity Girlfriend Trilogy, appropriately called PARIS HILTON'S CELL PHONE.
Having debuted the song on the Letterman SHow last Friday, or was it Oprah - i'll get back to you, we debuted the live recording from the show and played that at our Lost Continent gig on Sunday. And yes, some of you weren't there for it!! Tut tut :)
So we are looking forward to playing our new song on high rotation for you, and to commence work on the second song in the trilogy as soon as we have some gossip, lies or inuendos to turn into a song.
As always thanks for being a part of Bright's search......
And for those of you who got to end of this post. Hugs for you :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Sure i'd wear it & the miniColour Factory.

The gang at the Colour Factory (TCF) have built a mini Colour Factory on one of the sims that form part of the Fantasie Fair 2011 in support of Relay For Life (RFL). The wonderful Letti has recreated the essence of the original TCF and made such a cute little build that i want to turn it into my house once its official duties are over in the 2nd week of April.
On top of the build Letti has also made an original (only copy) artwork to be auctioned  in support of RFL, and then she and RebelMum got together to create a gorgeous one-of-a-kind outfit to be auctioned along with Letti's artwork. And yes that is our very own Rebs modeling it. I'd wear it :)
Thank you girls for all the hard work you have put in and your generosity of spirit. Big hugs from me.
And for a period of time all proceeds from the sale of the SOAR mp3 The Hummingbird and Bee are going to RFL. It is only 50L so please don't hold back when you see it in a RFL Vendor at the Colour Factory or anywhere else on the grid. Thanks :)
If you would like to know about the auction and how to get involved in it, or visit the mini TCF, please ask one of us inworld, and, erm, i will add the details here later when i am sure i have the correct ones :)
Thanks for reading.