Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Hi Folks :)
I have blogged twice about a song i began writing in Jan/Feb 2011 called, THE MOUNTAINS WHERE WE LIVE and today i can blog about it again because it is all but finished. 
It was one of a bunch of songs i wrote and began in early 2011 (last update on Nov 8, 2011 blog entry). I got about sixty seconds worth of demo done on it in Feb 2011 before the completion of other songs took priority. Once i got a bunch of songs completed i was pooped and didn't get back to "THE MOUNTAINS".
I knew i was taking a risk not finishing the song while the original energy for it was still fresh but i also knew that i liked it a lot, and i fully intended to get back to it. A year later i have and it is complete bar for a few lyrics i'm fiddling with.
This blog entry breaks a couple of my songwriting rules - don't hype any song i write - cos i'm a songwriter not a spin doctor, and especially don't hype a song that isn't complete. But well, i'm overdue a blog entry, and i am happy the song is about finished and how it has turned out.
I should be debuting it in the next week so i no longer need the gentle reminders i asked you to give me about finishing it :) Thank you!
Thanks for reading.