Sunday, September 18, 2011

ART, the teacher.....

The Ministry of the current Australian Government.

A painting by Gustav Klimt.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


What can i say about this place except that it exceeds my craziest hopes for it. This is the third build of the Colour Factory done by the sweet, hehe, and exquisitely talented, Scarletti Laval. It is very much it's own place but also a wonderful evolution of the previous two builds. It is a masterpiece Letti - thank you so much.
Letti and i set out to build places that add to the wonderful tapestry that is SecondLife and given Letti's particular interest in art, and my interest in music, to build a place where music and art combine, wash over each other other, clash, inspire, soothe and entwine in ways that shouldn't be defined. You will love it, or hate it, but you are unlikely to be ambivalent towards it. Sobeit.
On the top floor is Letti's gallery and the gallery stage, and on the mid floor is a cavernous space that nonetheless draws you irresistibly towards the main stage. You really should come and experience the effect for yourself! I love it!!! Musos walk up to the stage from the musos private green-room beneath the stage. The photo is of me looking down towards the main stage and through the windows to the mountains beyond.
The official opening features seven hours of live music, beginning at 5am Friday 16 September SLT with three shows, SOAR, MichaelJames Magic and Avantegarde Frequency, and concludes with four hours of live music from 5pm Friday SLT featuring Damian Carbenell, Christopher Quan, TerryLynn Melody and Gab Nyoki (dual streaming), and SOAR. Damian, Chris, TerryLynn, Gab and SOAR are presented by virtue of a wonderful gift from Precious Rallier and her venue Under the Willows, to the people and the place that is the Colour Factory. I can't thank you enough Precious (not to mention the time you spent hunting down lag here :) )
We have some wonderful plans for the Colour Factory and i will blog about them in future posts. But for now i wish to thank the people who have helped the place live and breathe and whose energies have got us to this day. I know you will continue to make it a place of art, music, community and all manner of wonders - in particular Letti, Rebs and Whis. Big hugs for you girls. It wouldn't be what it is without you!
Thanks for reading!