Sunday, March 18, 2012

As it turned out - we celebrated anyways :)

The weekend just passed saw the three year anniversary of SOAR music coming into SL. I wasn't planning anything special cos i am the same shy guy you know, in all things :) But as things turned out it became a lovely little celebration anyways.
My Saturday started out with a gig at the Bleu Katt. It was the first time there for me (thank you kiki for having me over) and a sweet bunch of SOARINGS came over to keep me company. Thank you gang! And then sweet Precious from Under The Willows had a cancellation and asked if i would like to fill it. Sure i would :) And another great bunch of SOARINGS came on over - and well i had let it slip that the anniversary thing was real. So a great morning for me with two ballad sets done and dusted as well as the debut of The Mountains Where We Live!
I was ready for a rest, except for something i almost missed because i cant ever get my calendar working perfectly. During the last week Experiment and I had been working with our great mate MichaelJames Magic (DOM) on a new song that he wanted to dedicate to some people close to his heart affected by a recent tornado. It was debut time for the song during MJ's gig at Purelife. Oh man i'm so glad i was reminded about this and didn't miss it. MJ did a fantastic job performing the song in his usual wholehearted and sincere way. Love your work MJ!!
Then night time. Then a show to finish my Saturday, on the wonderful Colour Factory main stage. All the worlds insomniacs were there and it was really a fun time with a  full mid tempo rock set. Thank you Whisper and Precious for going out of your way to make it a happy time :)
So thank you everyone for a great day of gigs. Your support, love and attendance never goes unnoticed whether there is only you at a gig or sixty. In our own ways, however it finds us on any given day we get to share the joy of music and this is a wonderful thing. Throughout my life there are many crystal clear memories of times spent and loved sharing music. These days singing in SL have a special place amongst them forevermore.
Thank you sweet peoples :)
Oh yeah, the photo of me!! Hehehe. I couldn't find a photo of a cake with three candles on it........

Monday, March 5, 2012


I know it goes with the territory but when people ask me for my bio, i get palpitations. Now that SOAR is taking a little break i know i need a new bio, and i have tried - really.
I sit down armed with a whole list of awesome adjectives - the ones no other musician has ever thought of using, and i begin. And then i realise that i have to write it as if it's not me writing it - hence, Bright is this, Bright does that, Bright charges this much. HE WHAT!!! This is all very unnatural to me. 
I have sometimes gotten a paragraph or two done and then i make the next big mistake - yeah, i reread it to fix any mistakes. And that finishes it - i cant publish this rubbish.
Against my better judgement, but i am in a jam cos people are starting to think its a bit odd that i don't give over with my bio within the first five seconds of meeting them, i do need one. Here it is then - a couple of bio type paragraphs that the wonderful people from venues can use if they wish, and then a bunch of paragraphs that are really about me and will fit better on my website and stuff. And figured that both may make a good blog entry for today :)
It's ok if you cant read it all to the end - i cant either :)
Hugs sweet people!
New Official Bio - for immediate press release (oh man i love this kinda talk)

Bright Oh is one third of the band, SOAR who played over 600 shows of their original songs in SecondLife from early 2009 until taking a break in early 2012. Bright’s solo shows include his own songs as well as the songs written with his mates from SOAR, Charles and Experiment and a handful of wonderful collaborations with other friends. 
Bright is a singer/songwriter and story teller in the finest tradition of, of, well of himself. His shows flow between ballads, mid-tempo rock and ecopolitical rants (unplugged, and/or with backing tracks), and with stories so real you will want to cry or burst out laughing, and tales so fanciful that you will want to shake him :) So, don't believe everything you hear at a Bright show. 
With lyrics that will touch your heart, melodies that will linger on, harmonies from another time and with lashings of sweetness, fun and mayhem thrown in, you really should take a chance on Bright, one day :)

Unofficial Guff and Gushy stuff

You gotta love the stuff written to be put in bios :) Now some first person stuff from me!
I feel as though i am on a wonderful musical journey - one i never quite imagined taking. I am a songwriter, entertainer, singer, producer and guitar player - in about this order of preference. I LOVE writing songs and i LOVE performing them. For now these efforts are concentrated in the virtual world, SecondLife where it’s wonderful people and friendships and opportunities has given me a musical journey i don’t want to get off any time soon and for which i am so grateful.
I have spent lots of time in real life being a singer of other peoples songs - i loved this too because it is through the wonders of other peoples music that i discovered my own. But now is the time for me to dedicate myself to my own music and that of my close friends Charles and Experiment. I don’t set out to write good songs or bad ones and i don’t get absorbed with critiquing my own work, i just want to let the songs flow, try new things and grow as a songwriter.
I write for myself and i’m not trying to appeal to anyone or fall into line with the cool people or mimic the best songwriters in the world, i just love writing songs from whatever comes out of my mouth and from my fingers onto the frets of my guitar. There will be good songs and ordinary songs - good days and bad days. So be it  :)
Love, appreciation and respect for ALL music expression rules in my world. This is why i yawn (with a mouthfull of food) at anyone who wants to tell me how i should play my songs in SecondLife or anywhere else :)
I am amazed by the appreciation and love and opportunity many people have given me (and SOAR) in this journey. I say it often but i don’t know that you truly believe it. You people are so many of my reasons for writing and performing. It would be nothing like the same journey without you. I hope you know who you are - cos you would be embarrassed if i wrote your names here :)
So, thank you, truly, for all you have given me. You are wonderful. I know that many of you love some of my (and SOARs) music - so i guess we have a pretty good arrangement going here!!

You did good reading to here. Hugs