Thursday, January 20, 2011


Remember when i said that i had just two goals for my music - one that any SOAR CD would live with all your other CD's right next to famous people. SO there you are flicking through your CD's  - Santana, Silverchair, SOAR, Sonic Youth, Supertramp - i think you get the picture. I just dont want to be in that other pile of CD's for the well intentioned amateurs :) And secondly, i wanted our music to be downloadable for free from badass websites :) Then we would have made it. 
It is true that i have added another personal goal to these two - to win a Grammy. This one looks easy cos there are so many categories these days it looks more like the 'every child wins a prize' sideshow alley game. We are currently coveting the BEST LINER NOTES Grammy, but, we will accept others.
Where was i? Oh yes. MP3's. To make it easier for our songs to end up on peer-to-peer networks we have decided to start making MP3's of many of our songs available from vendors at our shows. There are also permanent vendors at the Colour Factory - one on the mezzanine level near the stage. On one wall of the mezzanine level we also have all the available MP3's displayed individually using their cover pictures.
The vendors are a little more complicated than we would have liked but not too tricky -
- Once you have selected the song you would like to purchase, click on the cover and PAY it.
- You will receive a package named 'SOAR - XXXXX (name of the song)
- When you are somewhere that you can rez the package, do so, then CLICK on the box ONCE.
- You will get a blue pop-up menu giving you a link to a webpage where you can download the song to your puter. Don't try this from the SL inbuilt browser though as it may not work.

That's it. If anyone knows a much simpler way, please let me know.

If there are any problems just get in touch with Bright and he will fix it for you.

Anyone who doesn't have access to SecondLife to purchase our songs can please just get in touch with Bright and we can do all this by other means.

Thanks for reading :)


  1. Wow! Now I can get all my fav songs and make my own CD. Yippee!

  2. More Soar to have and hear...Wow! Love them all!!

  3. I enjoy all of them every morning!!! Whoot Love you guys! ~Ana

  4. Mmmmmmm love the MP3's. Guess who's loading up for the trip home. Will SOAR ALL the way :)) hugs guys and manager type girl - you all do a fantastic job - Love you heaps. Hye no tyupos Reb musta bin hijacked :))