Tuesday, August 30, 2011


It falls short of fact when a band member and/or songwriter tells the world that their latest CD or song is fantastic. Roll your eyes and begin to get skeptical i say. And should you read anywhere in this post any hint that the guys just had a whole lot of FUN recording this, or that we have gone back to our roots to create magic. Then i say switch off. Tune out. Throw up.
This song, Fragile notes, is the latest song written by Experiment and Bright. Mostly the beautiful lyrics from Experiment's hand, and mostly my music. It took a month or so to finish because after i recorded the first demo of it Experiment had some different ideas for the phrasing of the song and it took me some weeks to get the original phrasing out of my head so i could sing it without reverting to the earlier version.
I believe this is some of Experiment's finest work and i am sure the song will fit wonderfully into many of our gigs in SecondLife. May you especially enjoy the lyrics, below, and also the song. Click on the title of this blog entry for a link to the song. I hope.

Fragile Notes

Words Are Falling From The Sky
Like Tears Upon The Stage
Thoughts That Lie Beneath Life’s Dust
Escape Onto The Page
i Take My Heart and Lay it Bare
With Fragile Notes, Upon The Air
My Winter’s prose, Turns Into Prayer
Never cry,  For I’ll Be There (i'll be there)

Salt Adorns His Tired Eyes
Like Rust Around His Heart
Mem'ries Made of Broken Glass
Reflections From His Past
Hear Soft Voices From My Soul
With Stories That They'll Leave
I Take The Feelings From My heart
Place Them Gently at Your Feet

Paper Blank With Written Words
Yet No Words Can Describe
The Music Weaves Itself Into
A Love I Cannot Hide
Take My Heart and Lay it Bare
With Fragile Notes Upon The Air
My Winter’s prose Turns Into Prayer
Never Cry For I’ll Be There (i'll be there)

It's Not Time To Let it Go
Though The Winter Winds of Age Blow Slow
And I’ll Be There For You

It's Not Time To Let it End
For The Winds of Age Won’t Let Us Pretend
But I’ll Be There For You

It's Not Time To Watch it Go
Though The Winter Winds Will Let Us Know
And I’ll Be There For You


  1. A very stunning song! The magic the two of you weave together truly shines through in it!

  2. I would personally like to take this opportunity to thank Bright for writing the perfect music to compliment my lyrics. When I wrote them I had no idea of what type of music would suit other than it should be a ballad instead of something rocky. When he sent it back to me a few days later with his majestic music in place, I literally cried. I think that says it all.
    As Bright will readily agree, when the muse strikes you had better be ready and in my case the muse is someone very dear to me who has, in the last two years, inspired me to write what I believe are some of my best ever lyrics and songs with hopefully more to come.
    I am extremely proud of what Bright and I can do with our music and equally proud that others also find enjoyment in it. I hope we can continue to inspire each other and that our muses will weave their magic spells upon us for many years to come. Thank you Bright and thank you my beautiful muse.

  3. just think how one word can change a line...

  4. SOAR is an amazing and unusual band. I love that no matter what combination you guys work together ( all three, Bright and Ex, Ex and Chuck or Chuck and Bright) you all make magic. It's just fascinating to see and even better to listen to. Thank you for sharing and bringing us all some magic :)