Sunday, September 18, 2011

ART, the teacher.....

The Ministry of the current Australian Government.

A painting by Gustav Klimt.


  1. Waits patiently for the next instalment :)

  2. Hmmm... Now let me see

    Politicians and Kiss?

    A word association game maybe?

    There's kiss my...
    Kiss it goodbye
    Strange bedfellows
    All in the same bed
    Make love not war

  3. At home with Julia? Or maybe power is a great seducer?

  4. government and country should embrace you,
    not try to erase you

  5. Both can inspire or offend one's political or religious beliefs, one's ethnic or social affiliation, one's aesthetic or moral senses.

  6. Certainly the mass of gobbledegook and the millions of $ in the current discussion paper on the Australian National Cultural Policy will never produce anything as erotic or as liberating as The Kiss !!
    Who will reply to them by the deadline of 13th October that fulfillment is by the transformative power of love ?