Sunday, March 18, 2012

As it turned out - we celebrated anyways :)

The weekend just passed saw the three year anniversary of SOAR music coming into SL. I wasn't planning anything special cos i am the same shy guy you know, in all things :) But as things turned out it became a lovely little celebration anyways.
My Saturday started out with a gig at the Bleu Katt. It was the first time there for me (thank you kiki for having me over) and a sweet bunch of SOARINGS came over to keep me company. Thank you gang! And then sweet Precious from Under The Willows had a cancellation and asked if i would like to fill it. Sure i would :) And another great bunch of SOARINGS came on over - and well i had let it slip that the anniversary thing was real. So a great morning for me with two ballad sets done and dusted as well as the debut of The Mountains Where We Live!
I was ready for a rest, except for something i almost missed because i cant ever get my calendar working perfectly. During the last week Experiment and I had been working with our great mate MichaelJames Magic (DOM) on a new song that he wanted to dedicate to some people close to his heart affected by a recent tornado. It was debut time for the song during MJ's gig at Purelife. Oh man i'm so glad i was reminded about this and didn't miss it. MJ did a fantastic job performing the song in his usual wholehearted and sincere way. Love your work MJ!!
Then night time. Then a show to finish my Saturday, on the wonderful Colour Factory main stage. All the worlds insomniacs were there and it was really a fun time with a  full mid tempo rock set. Thank you Whisper and Precious for going out of your way to make it a happy time :)
So thank you everyone for a great day of gigs. Your support, love and attendance never goes unnoticed whether there is only you at a gig or sixty. In our own ways, however it finds us on any given day we get to share the joy of music and this is a wonderful thing. Throughout my life there are many crystal clear memories of times spent and loved sharing music. These days singing in SL have a special place amongst them forevermore.
Thank you sweet peoples :)
Oh yeah, the photo of me!! Hehehe. I couldn't find a photo of a cake with three candles on it........


  1. It was a great day, 3 wonderful shows marking 3 years of beautiful music in SL. As a fan I'm glad to have been there for part of those years and hope to be part for many more. Whether it is a Soar or Bright Oh show fans are always in for a treat!
    Keep the magic coming guys!

    Big congrats!

  2. Yes March 18th was indeed the third anniversary that "Nicholls, Llewellyn & MacCarthy" transformed into "Somerset, Oh & Rhode" (aka "Soar") and stepped onto a virtual stage in the virtual world known as Second Life. At approximately 10pm (Aussie time) we walked onto a stage, inside the venue, Anam Cara (A beautiful Irish pub) owned by our manager, Mari. Only a few close friends had heard our music up to that point so we had no idea whether anyone would enjoy what we were about to deliver. We had also taken the very brave step to perform ONLY our own original songs when 99% of all musicians in Second Life were performing cover songs! (and still are!). Well to cut a long story short..we packed the place and not only did they love our music but that began a career for us in Secondlife that has lasted 3 years and over 650 gigs! And still our music flows and touches the hearts of many people. To say that performing our music in SL means a lot to me would be a huge understatement. Being up on a stage (even though its virtual) with REAL people listening and making REAL heatfelt comments is soul inspiring and especially since we cannot do this in RL it has become a dream come true for me and I hope we can continue to put smiles on faces and receive the inspiration from people in ways that continually bring tears to my eyes.
    Thank you Bright, Charles and Especially Mari for you have made my life something to be very proud of. Thanks to anyone who has ever come to listen to us and has truly appreciated our music and shared a kind word. You have all inspired us to continue along this virtual road that we began walking down 3 short years ago. xxx

  3. I discovered Soar after about six months after I entered my Sl ( After visiting all those places nebies go to) and around their 6 month anniversary time. They were one of the first Live music bands I listened to in SL and I was hooked. Not just hooked, but mesmerised, enchanted and so happy to have music back in my life after a very dry spell. SOAR has remained a constant in my SL, as different performers have come and gone in my favs list. Obviously it is about the music, but I also believe it is the men behind SOAR, Mari their manager, and of course those wonderful lyrics that touch a chord and strum my heart. Thank you Bright, Experiment and Charles for giving me so much pleasure in my SL and through your MP#'s RL!!! Love whisper

  4. Lovely comments everyone - cant believe it's 3 years already. Thanks Mari for all your support, encouragement and those shopping trips to turn me from a newbie into someone a bit more respectable, as well of course looking after us and getting us places to play etc etc etc xxxxxxx. Thanks to my buddies Bright , Experiment for sharing the journey with me - a dream come true to be on stage and performing our music - as so beautifully put by Experiment - never thought the day would happen - so thanks to the Linden bros - Thanks too Bright and Ex for keeping the music alive and bringing out new 'babies' and so happy Bright is keeping you wonderful soarings entertained and you are supporting his shows.
    Im still sorting out my RL - but in the meantime - love and hugs to you all :)

  5. Yes the SOAR four are something special, and whilst SOAR itself is on a break we are so fortunate to be able to still listen to the magical music you guys create. It always astounds me that no matter what combination (any 1, 2 or 3 of you)does the creating - it still works! Love and thanks to Mari, Ex, Chuck and Bright.

  6. Thank you sweet Precious, Whis and Rebs for your generous, sweet and lovely words about SOAR, and to Chuck and EX for adding their words to mine :)