Wednesday, June 8, 2011


This is so very heartwarming, and wrenching.
A life you couldn't imagine.
Talent that you can't buy.
Humility to put me to shame.

Enjoy all that this man and video are straight from Korea's Got Talent.


  1. Thank goodness it was lunch time when I first saw this. Tears flowed whilst I smiled. Tears came because no-one especially a small child should ever have to live as he did. No-one, no-one should ever have to say, "I was sold".

    Tears came because this amazing man's incredible spirit took him above the lot life had thrown at him.

    Tears came as he shared his gift of song with such awesome humility.

    Tears came as I was shamed by my ‘excuses’

    Smiles shone through it all, as his voice and the audience rose, there were smiles and tears all round and it felt good to be part of the human race. And best of all it seems he is no longer alone.

    Yes Bright it’s good to cry sometimes and even better to be reminded of how fortunate we are 

  2. MoonWoman GuardianJune 9, 2011 at 7:25 AM

    There are so many amazing young people being revealed in the Universe at the moment. Chooka is homegrown..Brian McFadden called him a 'prodigy', I think Chooka is more like a maestro. What does he want to do? live on the Murray in a houseboat and write music.I hope he does as this is history in the making. It wasnt just a flash in the pan either, he followed up with another performance in the semi final...Go Chooka!

  3. Aww he's got magic in his soul and fingers wow love it :))

  4. Rare is the person who's childhood was such misery able to overcome and shine showing and sharing with all that no matter what life you've lived, the true treasures and wealth come from the heart and soul. This is one young man that will linger in my thoughts a reminder in so many ways.

  5. Thanks for sharing, B... it's been forwarded.