Sunday, July 24, 2011


Um yeah - i've been missing from my blog for like ages. It has been such a busy month that some things were bound to fall off the bottom of the list. And did i mention the weather! LET THE SUN OUT! And quit it with the wind already.

And now - to some brief updates.
The Colour Factory. Rebuilding is going GREAT and maybe this Friday we will be able to reopen for shows. The Friday after for sure :) It is sweet as. More info as soon as it is finished.
SOAR Gig Schedule. As most of you would know Charles is just back from a family holiday in New Zealand, and Experiment is unable to do our full schedule of shows for the time being. This means that there will be a few more SOAR shows done just by me, Bright, or Charles and Bright. We will be sure to advertise the shows we do each week with all three of us so you can get your full SOAR fix then :)
New videos. Never ceases to amaze me the sweet things people do for SOAR, unasked. This week it has been a handful of new youtube videos for some of our songs. Thank you SO much for doing these. HUGS. They join other beautiful videos done for us in the last couple of months. HUGS for you people too :) These are most easily found by going to and following the links.
New songs. Well write songs is what we do :) and we are up to 22 new songs written this year and debuted in our shows in SecondLife. And there are more to come, hopefully. A couple of the new song covers are included in this blog entry.
Blog threads. Before my month off from writing this blog i had begun a number of threads that i intended to make regular features. I will get back to these shortly :)

As always, from the boys in the band, and Mari, thank you all for the joy and friendship that you bring to our lives, and for the reasons you give us to write songs. BIG HUGS
Thanks for reading


  1. Charles SomersetJuly 25, 2011 at 8:14 AM

    Yes thanks everyone for your continued support..
    and nice to have your blog back Bright :)

  2. Charles SomersetJuly 25, 2011 at 8:18 AM

    I love those Teddys - so cute ...
    I must admit I used to play with my Teddy bear till I was nearly a teenager ..but dont tell anyone

  3. Great to see the blog back in action...can't wait to see the new CF! Keep the new songs coming each are wonderful in their own way...and most of all thank you Soar for what you all give to us, your fans!

  4. Ut oh you mean we're supposed to stop hugging our teddy bears? :(

  5. Well thank you kids :) I see there are soem parenting issues here - best i not say anything more :)

  6. Hehehe and no teddies do not live in dumpsters :)