Tuesday, November 15, 2011


So far this year SOAR has had another year rich with new songs. We pretty much play them as we write them because that's why we write them - to play for people. I am ok with missing out on the thrill of a new CD launch and all the hype that can go with that but I am starting to feel that something else is missing - hence this blog entry.
I love going to allmusic dot com whenever I am trying to find out some info about a muso or band. It is a great resource of full discographies and thoughtful reviews. For me there is something interesting and revealing about the musical journey of a band as measured by their album releases, and this is something SOAR doesn't have. SOAR has only made one album of new material, our album titled, A Girl Like You, though we are coming up to our fourth compilation album this Christmas.
For a while now Experiment and I have been piecing together SOAR's collective songwriting into chronological order. This is made easier because Experiment has been the long time keeper of the SOAR music vault, and the history, recordings and dates that are important to our chronology. While it is an imperfect way to decide upon album groupings, it is the best we can do after the fact.
When I look over my own songwriting I know that there have been particular phases and influences that have resulted in a bunch of songs being written from the same burst of creativity. I see them having a context when grouped together over and above what they have as individual songs so I am going to try and put some structure to this. Thought I would begin with songs written this year, 2011 and attempt some kind of allmusic styled review as I go.
The first few songs from 2011 I am leaving aside to be added to the songs written in the latter part of 2010, these include Rise, Silently, and Cathedral because the first burst of concerted song writing in 2011 began with the bunch of songs I blogged about in late February.
Gonna Give You Reasons
On Our Knees
My Wandering Muse
The Hummingbird and Bee
Story of Love
Straight From the Heart
Flying Back to Canada
Paris Hilton's Cell Phone
It's a Sad Moon Too
Your Candle Burns
Gina Gracemount
The Highs and Lows
This batch of songs was written between February and April - and may be added to if a couple of incomplete songs from then, such as The Mountains Where We Live, Life Goes On, and My One Tomorrow are finished. Thinks of an album title, mmm, let me see, I'd go with, My Wandering Muse. Yes :)
In my mind the foundation songs in this period are My Wandering Muse, Songbird and Flying Back to Canada. Each explores the reaches of sweet sweet love where fate rather than disaster or the falling out of love has intervened. From mystical enchanting encounters as in "Muse", to chance encounters with a lover from the past, in "Songbird", to the maddening intrusion of reality into blissful youthful love, as in "Canada", to the reflective look at immature mistakes in "It's a Sad Moon Too".
To these songs were added "The Highs and Lows" and "Gonna Give You Reasons" two songs about two kinds of mess people can get into, and the love and the years that can be wasted in doing so, and three songs, two lightly weighted love songs, "Story of Love" and "Straight From the Heart", and one exploring a more intense attraction, "Your Candle Burns".
The album is completed with four special purpose songs. The first, "The Hummingbird and Bee" was written in time to be sung at Relay For Life events in SecondLife, while "Paris Hilton's Cell Phone" was written as the 2011 follow up to the Juliette Trilogy, Bright's fruitless 2010 search for a girlfriend named Juliette, and "Gina Gracemount" was written for our sensational friend, Gina to try and gain the upper hand in our gig flirting war! SOAR WINZ. "On Our Knees" was written to augment our group of songs about the state of the world.
Now I feel better! OMG it's an album. Mmmm, now to decide a track order :) Perhaps i will do that separately. Ahhh - perhaps we will let others suggest a track order. Go right ahead :)
I will do the next two 2011 albums, in due course.
Thanks so much for reading.


  1. I enjoy reading the thoughts about certain songs from the Soar view of them. As they ( the songs) have the ability to invoke different senses and memories for everyone that would be long forgotten, if not for this song or that song, it’s wonderful to hear your own take on them. 2011 has been a grand Soar year for song writing, one I’m glad it have heard both old and new songs and can’t wait to hear more both song wise and thought wise :). Keep up the great work guys!

  2. Keep those stories coming :) It's lovely learning how and why a song came to be born. You guys constantly amaze me with the quality and magic of your music.

  3. Thanks for sharing the inspiration behind the stories you have put with music guys, it is appreciated...So...My Wandering Muse "mystical enchanting encounters". So let mystery determine the order on the album. Put the titles on a piece of paper and drawn them out, there is your order. Or, the origins of the word muse identifies goddesses of inspiration and creativity, problem is ther were 9 or maybe 10 and I think you have more than that number of tracks, so allocating a goddesses to each track means doubling up with some, does that matter? Then the goddesses go in alpha order on the album or just put it in alpha order of the tracks or chronological order of creation, enough ideas? I have more lol, the other meaning of course is to "muse" on something, go into a meditative state and...drift away...by the way, how are the mountains going? The goddess wanders the mountain, bringing love and inspiration and peace to those who seek her. With bated breath I hold my hand out in surrender, awaiting her presence, just to behold her beauty and serenity for just a moment which will bring back so many memories and last my whole life through. Love & light MW hugs