Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Hehehe - the heading sounds vaguely impressive!
This blog entry covers the songs that make up SOAR's second imaginery CD in 2011 and features songs written between May and August and listed here in a rough order of writing.
Love Letter
Love Wins
Wild Winds
The Sunflower
Tell Me About Tomorrow
All Through The Night
Fragile Notes
From Another Page
I Used To Hear You Say A Prayer
If I Could Fly (Lalita's Song)
The Ballad of Hope and Prime
Three common threads in SOAR's songwriting are revisited in this album, secondlife based songs, ecopolitcal, and of course love songs which dominate this album. It is true that much of SOAR's earliest material sought inspiration, indeed thrived upon sweet naive love and the torment of relationship break down but this album sees SOAR reaching further into the pool of love related writing. The songs are matched with sparser and more intricate arrangements overall which helps gives this collection of songs a common identity.
I have an inkling that SOAR's upcoming Christmas CD compilation will be named Fragile Notes so i shall choose another title for this album - then let it be, Love Letter.
All but one song has been debuted in secondlife gigs (Wild Winds) and all songs except If I Could Fly, words written by Lalita Graves, were penned by SOAR.
Forgive the complete absence of a she-doggone-up-and-left-me song from this album - we will overcompensate for this in a future album :)
Thanks for reading and for being part of our reasons to write.


  1. Yet another wonderful collection of songs. Love the richness, variety and the way different kinds of love are explored:) Eeeps don't you dare go overboard in the "she-doggone-up-and-left-me" songs.

  2. A wonderful second edition to a year of great music! I bit of everything wrapped up in a love bow! Keep the magic coming...