Monday, December 12, 2011


Eighteen days to go before 2012 but we have enough songs for our third virtual CD release of the year. There may be more songs written before the end of the year but the last burst of songwriting in late November has left me feeling as if there are none left. This is rubbish hopefully :)
All but one of these songs was written in October and November (Dearest Caroline snuck into early December). In writing order (pretty much);
Home Again
The Edge
The Favourite Daughter
The Flame and the Arrow
The Hippie Retrospective
All of the Pieces
Comes the Wind
Into My Arms
You Stopped Listening
I Can be Your Fortress
The Promised Land
Hold On To Love
Dearest Caroline

"Love" in many of its variations features strongly on this album. Home Again speaks about what it feels like to see a friend being hurt by love and knowing that you can doing nothing about it. Dearest Caroline tells one of the many stories about the reasons why people can be left waiting for the person they love. The confusion of love and the rewards and risks of taking love to the edges of what we know rumbles around in The Edge. Comforting friends who have fallen out of love is the theme of I Can be Your Fortress, while You Stopped Listening wanders around the theme of all the songs that have been written for someone or about particular situations where the subject never hears the song.  And perhaps All of the Pieces and The Favourite Daughter are the hardest love lessons of them all - moving on when you feel it is what is best to do, while Hold On To Love mixes both the heartache of separation with a resonant message rising out of despair, to hold on to what you have.
Add to these the less challenged emotions of Into My Arms, Comes the Wind and The Flame and the Arrow, and the usual SOAR excursion into ecopolitical content in The Hippie Retrospective, and The Promised Land (yet to be debuted in SecondLife), and the album is complete.
I particularly like these songs as a group and i think they belong together. There were many other part songs written during this period and for now they live in the SOAR vault. Perhaps when i am next holidaying on a beach somewhere, or on that romantic hotel balcony in Geneva, cold bitter lemon drink or iced tea in my hand, sunglasses on, the twins fussing around me looking after all of my commands :) i will go digging into the vault and revisit October and November 2011.
I hope there are songs amongst these that you enjoy. I love what The Flame and the Arrow means to me and how the music of it lifts me up, so it shall be the name of CD3.
As always, thank you for reading!


  1. I thought you might all like to hear my views on the last year, song wise.
    The Facts:
    Approx 60 (yes 60!) complete new songs written by Bright and I.
    Approx 45 of those debuted in SL.
    Approx 25 of these songs were co-written by Bright and I.
    Most prolific Month: May (10 songs debuted).

    Overall a very busy year song writing wise (compared to 2010 when only 30 odd complete songs were written & debuted). It has been quite a diverse year in many ways. Not only has our song writings skills improved but we also managed to involve the musical and songwriting skills of others.
    We wrote songs for Gina Gracemount and Prime & Hope to name but three. Gina also lended her marvelous vocals to two of our duets from the vault.
    After a long search I managed to obtain the incredible musical skills of Beth Odets who added her sublime violin to our 2010 classic song "Willow Tree". I also got our good friend Mamaa Saiz to cover two of Soar's best songs, "Harmony Was Stolen" and "Fragile Notes" (look out for Mamaa's CD in 2011, Produced by Moi!). I also worked with others throughout the year with one collaboraton in particular I would like to mention. I wrote a song which was unlike anything I had written before. However I knew that it wasn't a song meant for Soar but I didn't know if anyone out there could do it justice until I heard the amazing talents of Quantamis. He took my lyrics and wove them into a song that I am extremely proud of - "Touching Gentle Smiles" and he performs it regularly in his concerts to great acclaim. Hopefully more songs with him (and others) will emerge in the new year.
    To sum up the year I now present,
    Ex's Top 20 Fave Soar Songs of 2011:
    1. Fragile Notes (Aug 2011)
    2. The Hummingbird & Bee (March 2011)
    3. Gonna Give You Reasons (March 2011)
    4. Spirit (April 2011)
    5. Flying Back To Canada (May 2011)
    6. The Edge (Madman) (Nov 2011)
    7. Your Candle Burns (May 2011)
    8. Love Letter (May 2011)
    9. I Used To Hear You Say a Prayer (Aug 2011)
    10. Kismet (Sept 2011)
    11. Hold Onto Love (Nov 2011)
    12. Cathedral (March 2011)
    13. Gina Gracemount & Mr. Bright (Gina's Answer) (May/June 2011)
    14. The Highs and Lows (May 2011)
    15. Touching Gentle Smiles (w/Quantamis) (Oct 2011)
    16. Story of Love (Feb 2011)
    17. Outcast (March 2011)
    18. Dearest Caroline (Dec 2011)
    19. My Wandering Muse (March 2011)
    20. The Ballad of Hope & Prime (Aug 2011)

    And as a final teaser here are some songs (finished and unfinished) that I hope Soar will get to perform for you in the new year:

    High Water
    Don’t Go
    Said The Moon To The Stars
    All in One Day
    Falling From Your Sky (aka La La La)
    The Mountains Where We Live
    A Frightened Girl
    Blue Sky Falling
    Wild Winds
    The Ships
    Forever More
    Rare & Beautiful

    Thanks everyone for a great year!!

  2. First off as a fan...Thank you for an amazing year of wonderful music!
    You both are naturally gifted songwriters,having a magical aura that seems to embrace and surround each song.
    With so many songs this year finished and more waiting, I personally can't wait to hear what 2012 will bring for Soar and the fans.

  3. Love the stories behind the songs and the magic all three SOAR members bring when they work together:)Thank you all for a wonderful year of music.

  4. Thank you Precious and Rebs :)