Thursday, June 28, 2012


There are many surprises in store for people as they become familiar with SecondLife - one of them is the incredible generosity of the people in the live music scene. On the 26th of June at the Colour Factory the friends and fans of SL performers Russell Eponym, SOAR and Gina Gracemount donated over 150,000L$ during their performances to benefit the Cancer Council of Australia. We are all touched by cancer and by this generosity. Thank you sweet sweet people. And to Whis and Precious who organised it all - an extra "sweet" for you girls :)
Hugs. Bright


  1. As someone who is benefiting from the wonderful services available through the Cancer Council I think this is a wonderful cause. But even more wonderful are those who made this event happen,amazingly generous organisers, owners, performers and the fans who attended this fantastic event. Hugest hugs and thank you to all :)

  2. LOL looks like wonderful is the word for the day -- maybe I need some new ones :)

  3. Wonderful is a great word! I for one found the fans and musicians to be the most wonderful group of people and supporters for a wonderful cause!
    Thank you all for your support!