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2012 IN REVIEW - CD1

About a year ago I blogged about the three albums worth of new songs written in 2011. I commented that at the end of the last burst of songwriting that year that I was exhausted and wasn't sure I had any songs left in me. Happily this was not the case and there were another 3 albums of songs written in 2012.
As a songwriter I have a special interest in songs written in roughly the same period because they represent, one way or another how I was feeling, my influences and what I was capable of musically at the time. One day it will be interesting to go back over them and to see what became of the songs and where they sit amongst all the songs I ever write. But onto CD1/2012.

January to March 2012
Horses In The Rain
The Angel
The Proposal
Ship Of Dreams
The Sting In The Tail Of Love
Raven Moon
Just When I Had It All
The Mountains Where We Live
From A Whisper
The Rattlesnake And Wolf
Fingertips And Tears
Pick Up The Pieces

Mesmerised and The Angel begin the album with sweet thankfulness for having love in a life. It was no reflection upon any change in my mood that two of the next songs are more emotionally challenging - The Proposal, about a rejected proposal, and, The Sting In The Tail Of Love about a woman who realises deep into a relationship, that she has everything she needs, apart from the right kind of man.
In between there were three songs based on Experiment's lyrics. I hesitantly suggest a theme for each of these until we hear what Experiment has to say :) A reflective look at love in, Horses In The Rain; a deep look into destructive love in, Raven Moon; and Ship Of Dreams a tribute to, the Titanic in the year of the 100th anniversary of her sinking. This song was played during the remembrance service held on SecondLife's very own, Titanic sim. 
Raven Moon is the second song in a trilogy of related songs based on lyrics from, Experiment, including, The Crescent Moon, and Charon's Moon (completed later in 2012). The Sun And The Clock is the/an answer to the feelings expressed in, The Proposal. I am yet to debut it in my SecondLife shows.
Just When I Had It All is a song about that moment, as love is falling apart when suddenly it becomes too difficult to know what to do, or to know whether to stay or to just let go. Perhaps Fingertips And Tears is about the path away from, Just When I Had It All, and the discovery of new love.
Apart from my usual songwriting collaborations with, Experiment on this CD there are two songs co-written with new collaborators! I wrote the music to accompany Whisper Ampan's beautiful lyrics in, From A Whisper, and then MichaelJames Magic, Experiment and I joined forces to write, Pick Up The Pieces from a desire of MJ's to honour the folks of a town in the USA flattened by a tornado not long before.
The Rattlesnake And Wolf is a simple song about the perils of following certain dreams.
The Mountains Where We Live was begun in early 2011 but was not completed until early 2012. I have blogged about this song separately. Welcome to the mountains and to the wonderful joys of life and love :) I so love to sing this song and am so happy it finished out like I hoped it would a year previous. It is my choice for the name of this CD.
CD2/2012 review coming soon.
Thanks for reading!

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