Friday, January 25, 2013

2012 IN REVIEW - CD2

My second album of 2012 is mostly made up of scattered songs less connected in time than the songs on the first and third albums.

The Real Part
Mother Dylan
East Of Nowhere
Eucalypt Candlelight
Where Our Secrets Are
All In A Circle
Friends And Lovers
The Unicorn's Promise

The Real Part is a light look at how falling in love can sweep a simple and indecisive man along. It is in the style of a previous song, 1993, both about how few questions some ask about love when they are young and falling in love. Mother Dylan invokes and combines the maternal spirit to six  unrelated things and suggests that it is very wise to do so. While Endlessly and East Of Nowhere are different styles of song they traverse some of the same themes. A man's final unexpected experience of love, East Of Nowhere, and how love's arrival can be in a moment at the end of a long struggle, in, Endlessly.
Two collaborations with, Experiment follow. The completion of a song begun years before by, EX with the addition by me of some chorus musical and lyrical variations. Aptly titled, Falling. And Eucalypt Candlelight based on Experiments lyrics recalling the sights and sounds and feelings of his youth and how easily they are still recalled now.
Where Our Secrets Are tells how sweetly a man may still remember a girl he loved and have no intention of stopping even though they are no longer together. Interestingly, All In A Circle follows this song with a warning about failing to make choices in love when you still have choices in love! Happily we can follow this with, Friends And Lovers written about two people clearly unaffected by the two previous songs :)
And finally, but specially, a song written by Experiment and I for our sweet and courageous friend, RebelMum. The album shall bear the name of her song, The Unicorn's Promise. Hugs to her :)

And that is it for CD2, complete at ten songs. The final  album for the year features fourteen songs which were written in the same burst of songwriting from September through November. It will be reviewed soon!
Thanks for reading.

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  1. It's always lovely to hear how your songs arrive or what they might be about :) thank you for naming the cd after my song :) smiles and hugs.