Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Shedding some confusion in early 2013

Hi Gang :)
As many of you who go to my shows know I am very happy to have year long goals that I work diligently towards every single day of the year. I also have no fear of failure evidenced by my 2011 year long goal to get a celebrity girlfriend :) The beginning of 2013 requires a few lesser goals to make my life as a SecondLife musician a bit easier.
I use social media to have fun and catch up with friends and help promote my music but I don't want to become LIKE driven. So I'm hoping to keep it simple, friendly and personal for all of us. I'll list all my 2013 social media links at the bottom of this post and I would love for you to keep in contact with me through any that you choose.
SOAR, the band I play in in SecondLife with my mates, Experiment and Charles only played two gigs in 2012 and as a result my performances as a kind of de-facto, SOAR is beginning to create some confusion especially amongst my new friends and fans. To help shed this confusion I am creating a brand new BRIGHT group in SecondLife and creating a new BRIGHT band page in FaceBook. The SOAR group will be there ready for any future SOAR gigs.
It is my hope that SOAR continues to do gigs so that all the friends of SOAR get to enjoy the three of us playing together. In the meantime though I want an unconfused musical focus. Please help me along with this if you can find another group slot for me in SecondLife.
FaceBook LIKES. I did a gig recently where after generously promoting the musician who was to follow me up on stage (as I always do) he got up on stage and referred to me as, "the previous guy" and critiqued some aspects of my performance that were none of his business. I heard what he said but I don't know him or what he was actually trying to say. It could just be another example of the lack of respect for fellow musicians that occurs from time to time in SecondLife. I stand against it. No exceptions. We all have a stake in making our homes, workplaces, lives and worlds respectful places.
So I got thinking. Firstly I am going to change my name (for a bit) to, "The Previous Guy". It is a stunningly good muso/band name :) Secondly, when it comes to my band/musicians page on FB it is going to be on a strict quid pro quo basis. If there isn't mutual respect in the asking for LIKES with fellow musicians/venues/pages, I won't be playing the game.
Thanks for reading :)
Hugs as always to each of you!
Bright/The Previous Guy

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  1. My Dear Previous Guy.. I just love you ..Hugs Smiles and Smooches!!!!!! Your previous ...Now...Future Buddy...Me...E...Dona...

  2. Well said Bright, the time has come to shine as a solo artist. You always acknowledge who wrote the songs and are always respectful of the SOAR history....but you have enough new followers and committed 'oldies' to have your own group. I am happy to support both The previous guy and SOAR so count me in!

    On your second reference to the rude musician... give me his name in world and I will smack him for ya! Well at least not let him at TCF...I have booted audience members who are too vocal in their critique of singers, as I believe they can just leave if they don't like them. I do hope the venue owners/managers said something to the singer...I would have!

  3. Here's to an amazing new year As *That Previous Guy*! Taking the step as a solo artist is a biggy and you have all your friends and fans with you.

    As Whisper has said you give credit to each Soar member and others in each and every show, keeping not only Soar alive in fans but on the grid as well.

    Both you and Soar have my full support now and into the future!

    Hugs and luck always....

  4. I wonder if i also need to be known as 'the next guy" for anyone performing before me who can't handle the two syllables of my name. hehe
    Thank you, Previous Enchantress and Previous Whisper :)

  5. Thank you, Precious :)

  6. Wow, well said Mr Bright Oh, and those "other" people can just move on along......we all know what a great guy you are, and have no problems giving credit, where credit is due. You have many who stand with you. Blessings to you my friend.
    pasion Daguerre

  7. My mantra at The Castle is that anyone who plays there must be a good heart. If someone is not, they do not get asked to perform or they do not get asked back.

    I love that my friends list is mainly SL musicians. Music is a part of my soul from the times of performing on an autoharp in elementary school and getting top honors in a solo contest in high school. That love of music is one of the things that keeps me coming back. It is a positive world for me, and I intend to keep it that way.

    Unfortunately, the world is made up of all kinds of people, and it is how we react to the negative ones that make our character stronger. Although, Bright, you have only recently come into my life, I can tell that you are one of the good hearts.

    Keep your sense of humor. :) However, you will never be "the previous guy" or "the next guy." You will always be a Bright star. Shine on!

  8. Thank you, Everyone. You always see me in such a generous light. Big hugs.