Sunday, February 27, 2011


I have explained before how i don't listen to many SecondLife musos when i'm performing and writing myself. I really like hearing a couple of songs from the people playing before and after SOAR, especially if i haven't heard them before, but then it all goes in my memory banks for another time. However i do like to read a good review of fellow SL musos and i have recently found one done by a SOARING, Gold Cazalet. Detailed, generous, interesting and appreciative reviews that i am going to use to help me find performers in SL that i'm a good chance to like.
There is a link in the sidebar of this page - over there.
Sweet work Gold, and thank you for your lovely review of SOAR and for proving once and for all that i am a fashion guru, with a wonderful selection of SOAR photos in your review :)


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  1. Wow awesome review she hit everything Soar is and means to others. :)