Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The secret SOAR handshake - and much more.

Today we begin the search to compile all the words and phrases that belong to, and with SOAR, to create a comprehensive SOAR lexicon phrase and gesture resource. When it outgrows this blog and SOAR's website we will make the move to wikisoar.org - ohhhh, hey Bright! add wikisoar to the list.
It is obvious where all this is heading of course and that is to the creation of a secret SOAR handshake for use wherever two or more SOARINGS are gathered together in real life and naturally the creation of a secret SOAR handshake animation for use in SecondLife.


Please send Bright (via the blog or email watever) any words, phrases or gestures that have become such a fun part of SOAR concerts, and we will compile them into one big, huge like, list.
Thank you sweet peoples :)


  1. does this include words from Charlie-speak like
    guitary, keyboardy, hawaiiney?
    love from mari, the inventor of "swoonilicious" and promoter of the "bandicoot"

  2. Does "ovah", "whispah", "aussome", "chook and cow chorus" and "the dumpster" (Charles' child minding facility) and "fat chicken" count?

    Ohh and goes for the big try *TIM TAMS*

  3. Mari and Precious. Our editorial team has reviewed your contributions thus far, and, WHEEEEEEEEE THEY ARE IN!!!
    Thanks :)

  4. Methinks we should add 'Cupcakes' too :)

  5. Yes REBS - your entry CUPCAKE(s) has been accepted :)

  6. ooh ty for the shout out P lol
    "aussome" ;) .. i hadnt realized till this blog post my contributions to the soaring lexicon :) whee says the writer of silly notices which now number more than...300?? faints...
    and its far from Ovah :) going strong into the 2 year anniversary. Major props to charlie for being the king of the suffix "ey"and therefore expanding available adjectives exponentially; and for bright's love of chooks, grapes and all things flora and fauna.. and for ex's love affair with timtams, schnitzel and creaming soda. and who doesnt love a cupcake :)

  7. Eeeps We forgot "Bongo! Bongo! Bongo Girrrrl!"

  8. Yups BONGO GIRL is in, and, who can ever forget NOM NOM NOM!!