Monday, February 14, 2011

Spewin!!!! This is a travesty or sumfin.

As many of you would know SOAR dedicated 2010 to its pursuit of a GRAMMY AWARD, in particular the Grammy for BEST LINER NOTES, though others would have been gratefully accepted. In one of the biggest upsets at the Grammy Awards, ever, we missed out, we didn't even get BEST SUPPORTING LINER NOTES.

Bring on 2012 i say.


  1. What! No way! It was rigged! A travesty!


  2. OMG! They actually really DO have Grammy's for Liner Notes! Well, then SOAR, here's the recipe for you:
    1. Release 2 more CD's
    2. Mix them with the other 2
    3. Wait 2 years
    4. Collect Grammy.