Monday, February 28, 2011


A soaring celebration :)
In march 2009, a group of rl friends who  had created a rather large catalog of beautiful original songs together, took a risk and entered secondlife to share their music with this amazing virtual world.  From the start, they werent sure how it would work or how the world would accept their music.
Two years later, with an ever growing catalog of original  songs, over 425 SL performances, and most importantly a wealth of friendships thru sharing their music, Somerset Oh and Rhode have reached their two year anniversary in second life and we invite you dear soarings, you who have made all this possible with your support and friendship, to celebrate with SOAR.

Over the next three weeks, starting this week, we invite you to participate in the first SOAR trivia contest :)  Each week, for the next three weeks, we will be releasing a set of eight questions.  there will be hint boxes to assist you on where to find the answers, scattered around the colour factory.  Some answers and hints will be shared in chat over the stream at soar shows; but many answers will be found by doing a bit of research at the colour factory or by taking a peek at or bbbright's blog;
Submit your answers by NOTECARD to MARI by 8pmsl time each thursday; the weekly winner(s) will be announced each Friday at the colour factory show;  winner(s) of course will be those who submit the most correct answers :)
The grand prize winner(s) will be announced at the SOAR 2 year anniversary show at the colour factory on Friday March 18.

Information will be updated here, on brightoh dot com, and in our secondlife group.

happy hunting soarings :)  
Mari :)

and from all of soar to all of you,
thank you for making musical dreams come true
hugz from bright, charlie, ex
and the butterfly of the bongos

WHEEEEEEE!!!!!!! We have two winners in our first weekly TRIVIA CONTEST. YAY for Whisper and Precious :)


  1. OK Butterfly of the Bongo's! What's your price for the answers to 3 and 5?

  2. Psst! Reb! Number 5 is on this website. but ya got to find it! Nah! nah...nahnah...nah!

  3. For the price of a Timtam I'll give you the answer for 3 :)