Tuesday, March 29, 2011

COLOUR FACTORY SHOW April 1. Mari's turn :)

The Colour Factory SOAR Show on April 1 will be a selection of SOAR songs that touch Mari's heart, make her think, and make her cry. And that's not all - there are at least two surprises for folks who like surprises :)
Oh yes the photo - well Mari is the pretty one and the one in the pants. I tell ya the world is getting confusing. Erm, perhaps the guy in the bright yellow pants shouldn't be telling stories.
Cant wait to hear what Mari says about these songs. I hope you can make it over for a bit.

All The Times
Brand New Day
Song for a Broken Soul
Beyond the Crowd
Don't You Ever Go
Could be MIne
For an Unknown Lady
On Our Knees
The Storm
Old Jamaica
The Sound of Hello
Paradise Blues


  1. Wheeeeee I love surprises :)) Looks like a fantastic lineup for "Mari's swoonilicious soarosity show".

    Hmm methinks I psy a NEW song in that list :)))

    HUgs REb

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday's show, can't wait for the next time I am online at the right time :)

  3. Awwww Sadly I think I am going to miss this show:)) I actually have some real life music to listen to. I think both look pretty in this photo

  4. Can't wait...Mari your list is just wonderful!!

  5. tHANK YO FOR A WONDERFULLY WARM AND FRIENDLY SHOW mARI :)) iT WAS FANTASTIC TO HEAR YOU OVER THE STREAM TOO :) oooh pooh! caps everywhere:( oh well it was worth shouting fROm the rooftops - LOVED YOUR CHOICES HUGS reB

  6. thank you everyone for your comments and i hope you enjoyed the show. it was great fun for me and really odd to hear myself over the stream. the most difficult thing was choosing the set list but each one of those songs are special to me.. from the lyrics and word choices to the uplifting spirit..its just always an honour for me to work with soar and never forget how much each soaring is truly appreciated :) hugs from the butterfly