Monday, March 21, 2011


This list of songs, my selection of songs that i feel helped establish SOAR's sound and bonafides and make our musical way over the last two years :) was originally published on March 3. Now it's time to sing them all in the one show and that is just what SOAR will be doing this coming Friday. Along with the songs my reasons for choosing each one. Love to see you there.

Songs that established our sound and genre.
Peace of Mind
Can't Forget the Day
Early songs that people seemed to like a lot  & that we still play regularly.
Brand New Day
Early serious songwriting phases
Into Magic
Dipping into the SOAR VAULT for some oldies but goodies.
Kansas Skies
Now and Forever
Expanding our style/genres.
Living on the Moon
I Fall
Late 2010 songwriting phase
Willow Tree
Across a Star Filled Sky
Early 2011 songwriting phase - many still to be debuted.

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  1. What a great idea? I am looking forward to hearing your reasons why you chose those particular songs Bright. Will be listening to that sexy voice of yours Friday as usual.

  2. Brilliant show :)) I can't wait to hear waht Mari chooses next week. hugs to you all and thank you

  3. A wonderful show great to hear the reasons and stories of your choices!! Waits not too patiently for the others to follow.

  4. Hi Prickle and Precious and Reb :) I'm happy you like the idea and the first show. I did run out of time and had to drop two songs off the play list for the show - erm i musta talked too much. But the good news is that Mari's Show, coming this Friday, is progressing well i hear. WHEEEEE. EX and Charles in the weeks following. There will be a blog entry for each once the play list is finalised.
    Behave out there.

  5. Ain't misbehaving yet! Sure would love an excuse too! BUT promised myself to be bewy bewy good, at least till after the Easter Bunny comes.

  6. It was a good show, as always Bright Spark. Now where can I get a cool pair of yellow pants? I think bones would look great in them.

  7. Hi Whis :) They are on their way. Good luck with the new look Bones hehehehe. Personally i am moving on to a RED phase. Fashion is so transient don't you think!