Thursday, March 3, 2011


Mmmm, any excuse for a list i always say. Well, todays excuse relies upon the 2nd SOAR Anniversary for inspiration. It is fun to play the 'my fave SOAR song' game but it has its pitfalls for me. My faves change just like everyone elses but i'm also too close to many of the songs and my views get affected by a whole range of things. But, i still love a list.
So, my SOAR SONG LIST for today are the songs that to me are the sign posts of SOAR's songwriting journey these last two years. And i am limiting it to 13 songs, the number that we could play in a one hour show. So, NOT my list of SOAR's BEST or my list of MY SOAR FAVES but just the songs i think most helped us make our musical way at times.

Songs that established our sound and genre.
Peace of Mind
Can't Forget the Day
Early songs that people seemed to like a lot  & that we still play regularly.
Brand New Day
Early serious songwriting phases
Into Magic
Dipping into the SOAR VAULT for some oldies but goodies.
Kansas Skies
Now and Forever
Expanding our style/genres.
Living on the Moon
I Fall
Late 2010 songwriting phase
Willow Tree
Across a Star Filled Sky
Early 2011 songwriting phase - many still to be debuted.

OK i'm pretty convinced that song lists are pretty silly - but i'm a list junkie and cant help myself.
If anyone would like to add their own lists, to keep my list company, please do :)

Thanks for reading


  1. A hard list but ok , not picking favs but 13...hmmm

    1. Sparrow In The Willow
    2. Willow Tree
    3. Mirror's Eye
    4. Silently
    5. Rise
    6. A Man Called Peter
    7. Story Of Love
    8. Special
    9. Listen To Your Tears
    10. These Are The Words
    11. Kansas Skies
    12. Beyond The Crowd
    13. Across the Star Filled Sky

    There's no order just 13 when really it should be 100. Tooo hard :)...ohh have to add Brindabella, Stormwinds,Into Magic..umm 100 is the best bet for a list!

  2. I store my fav list on Experiment's profile in the note section....I will often IM him in a concert asking what was the title and who wrote that!...So here is my list, but not in any order of preference:

    I Fall
    And The Sun Will Shine
    Protest song living on the moon, someone we know is crying.
    Whispers and answers*
    Whispers awake*
    I'm fallin'
    you're the only one
    Across a star filled sky
    I'll never let you down
    It's your love that saved me
    The Storm
    sparrow in the willow
    it's ovah
    Whenever love comes
    "when I was young"
    Now and forever
    Calling in your dreams*
    Empty Houses
    take me with you ( Sound of hello)
    Now and Forever
    willow tree
    Cry the lucky country
    Mirror's Eyes
    Listen to your tears.

    Just like your song writing is underpinned by life experience, so my favourites are linked to memories and feelings. I think That is why SOAR is my favorite band.

  3. Experiment's Picks:
    14 Obscurish Soar Classics that need to be played much more:

    Your Destination
    Blind Me
    Now I Know (Without My Claire)
    Through The Cracks in Things
    The Mirrors Eye
    The Painting
    Silhouettes of Summer
    Another Xmas
    Not The Girl
    I Like To Be There
    Don’t Go

    14 Soar Vault Songs I hope we will re-record and debut this year sometime:

    High Water
    Said The Moon To The Stars
    All in One Day
    Get Back To Your Man
    I Don’t Know Why
    All The Kings Horses
    One Day
    Take The Risk