Tuesday, March 29, 2011

HEY CUPCAKE!! Look after yourself out there.

Many of you will have been to a SOAR show at San Padre the beautiful SecondLife venue run by Dom and Tex. We played regularly there on Monday mornings SLT before DOM took the stage. Once San Padre was no more DOM did come out of retirement briefly as the hunked-up MichaelJames Magic and we had him play after SOAR a few times at the Colour Factory so we could relive old times. I had no idea how hunked-up he was until Tex tp'd me rather close to the stage at his farewell concert on the weekend. Personally i prefer his cupcake persona :)
There is a lot that could be said about a DOM or MJ show but i will leave all that to reviewers but for me they were always happy shows with his wholehearted performances and fantastic song selections. When you get the chance to sing in SL again DOM there will always be a place for you at the Colour Factory. Thank you for the opportunities and support you and Tex gave SOAR at San Padre.
Take care of yourself out there DOM, and MichaelJames. Your fans and friends wont forget you CUPCAKE.
Bright :)


  1. Well I know I don't look at a cupcake without smiling. Grins as I remember Dom's cupcake avatar running around San Padre. Thanks for the fun,wonderful memories and music.

  2. I actually was introduced to Dom/MJ by my friend Billy over 12 months ago, before I discovered SOAR. I agree his shows were always fun and upbeat. His retirement is a loss to SL.