Sunday, December 19, 2010

A bit more personal - our latest song

There are lots of reasons why people leave SecondLife, good and bad, slowly or suddenly, to return one day or never to return. I got thinking about musos in SecondLife one day and how their leaving is somehow a bit more personal than say one of the bands that play your local pub leaving to play in another town. And one of the reasons i figured this may be so is that in some cases the music and the person can go hand-in-hand in SecondLife in a more profound way.
For many SecondLife is not just the local pub but a thousand local pubs scattered around the world. For many there is no music after SecondLife, even sadder is that some pass away and we didn't even get to say goodbye.
Because SOAR is a band that has been given so much by this place SecondLife and the people that make it a second home we decided to write a song for the musos who are gone from here and to say to them all, that yeah, it was a bit more personal and that they are missed and not forgotten.
You can listen to the latest demo of this song by clicking on the heading to this blog entry.


  1. Hey guys thank yo for another song that brings tears to our eyes:) May you all never stop writing or performing. We luv ya all :))
    hugs Rebs

  2. Another amazing touch of magic. A heart felt remembrance of those that have left us. Simply beautiful!