Thursday, December 23, 2010

One God, many or none

Whether there be one god, many gods or none, don’t give up this opportunity at Christmas and in the coming new year, to know peace, love, happiness and thankfulness in your lives, and to see it in the lives of those you love. To all of you whose own paths in life have crossed with mine during the past year, i feel blessed by your friendship and love - the highs were higher and lows less troubled than they otherwise would have been.
For SOAR - there were two hundred shows where there may have been none - forty new songs where there may have been none - many new friendships and a lifelong love or two where there may have been none, were it not for the sweetness and love you have given us.
Thank you :)


  1. Merry Christmas Ex, Bright, Charles and Mari....

  2. Thanks for the beautiful Christmas thoughts Bright and Thank you SOAR for all the music and song and laughter and love and friendship.

    May 2011 be everything, any of you wonderful SAORing friends ever dreamed

    hugs reb