Friday, December 10, 2010


WHEEEEEEEE. YEEEEESSSSS. It is built and opened and now there for all to see and enjoy. A larger, grander, more beautiful, more colourful, more crazy place than its predecessor, and i LOVE IT to pieces. And to Scarletti who turned ideas and visions into this beautiful accurate reality, GREAT BIG HUGS.
This is a big build - three main floors - two mezzanine levels - six or seven different stages for performing - private intimate gardens and rambling open spaces - and the wonder of colour throughout, colour that is a joy to behold - and then, all around, Scarletti's art!!
But, OMG, just what it that!! Well let me tell you :)
We call it the Performance Shaft. It is a shaft through all floors of the build and up into the sky. Through the shaft the suns rays and the splendor of the universe at night will fill the building with light. And because we feel that musicians and music are part of the light that fills the building we have three performance stages, one on each level, within the shaft. 
The shaft cannot be completely transparent or there would be no shaft, and so in its gentle white shroud it joins the floors of the building together and reinforces its purpose on each floor - no matter that one is a dance floor, one a gallery and one a rooftop garden. 
When you see the shaft on the Artsplash Gallery level you will see that it is stark, a space for living art where the audience can be all around the musicians, close, almost face to face. Detached or intimate, to be observed or ignored? Well thats for you to decide when you see it.

So, welcome to the new Colour Factory :) It isn't a place everyone will love but we kinda like that too, but everyone is always welcome, anytime. And in the wonderful beautiful creative canvas that is SecondLife i am sure this place belongs. And that shaft too :)
Thank you to all the sweet peoples who came to the opening. You make us feel special.
Warm hugs
No matter what, ever.


  1. Congratulations Bright and Letti,
    The New Colour Factory is an amazing place to explore and discover hidden areas, wonderful art, music and incredible friendship. I can't wait to see how many different ways the talented and creative Bad Boys of Ballads use their new home.
    Hugs to you all

  2. As I said to you that night of the opening Bright...."this place has good Karma!". I love it! I can't wait to get some time to explore more. It's one of those places that each time you return you discover something you hadn't noticed before. Thank you for sharing your specialplace with us.