Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The FINAL Bedside Concert Competition begins

YUPS, the last, at least for now. This competition features the eight top voted songs from each of the first three competitions, 24 in all, so it's just going to be harder still to decide. I'm glad i don't get to vote - and as for that Distant Oh person, i try to stop him from voting but he doesn't listen to me.
Just a few changes to let you know about. Only five votes per person per day. The prize for the winner is a SOAR concert of your very own PLUS 5000L. You only get the cash if you are a member of our group, The SOAR PANDEMONIUM. There is a group join thingy on our tipboard rezzed near the contest voting board.
These competitions, as unserious as they are, have been so much fun so a big thankyou and smile from me to all of you who have been a part of them. The final 24 songs are -

Whispers and Answers
In to Magic
Brand New Day
When it's in your Plans
I Fall
A Man Called Peter
Song for a Broken Soul
Across a Star Filled Sky
Only for You
Kansas Skies
Heart of the Crime
Calling in Your Dreams
Sparrow in the Willow
The Only One
Now and Forever
The Sound of Hello
And the Sun will Shine
The Storm

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