Saturday, December 18, 2010


Whoa! Now that has been a journey - almost two months. Three song contests and the final that finished on Friday.
The winner was drawn in the same way as the others, by the song contest board, from the names of all people who had voted for ANY song. This is important because right at the end of the contest i'm told that the song cover of one of the top three songs got blocked and people couldn't vote for it any longer. Oblivious to all of this i was happily singing away at our show in the sky above and sent the message to Rebs to end the contest, as we had all the others, towards the end of the show so we could announce the winner during the show. If i had known about the blocked cover we would have gotten that fixed and run the competition for a little longer. 
Once again thanks so much to everyone who enjoyed this contest and got to spend a bit more time with other SOARINGS staring at the vote board. It was hypnotic for some reason :) Thanks to Rebs whose hard work made it work for us all.

The top three songs in the final were -
Calling in your dreams
Across a star filled sky
Our thanks to Chance whose beautiful words are at the heart of Stormwinds.

The winner of the SOAR concert is Svetlana. Wheeeeeeeee :)
The winner of the 5000L to someone who is in our group the SOAR PANDEMONIUM is Galia Beck. Wheeeeeee Galia :)

And finally. We aren't finished with you yet!! More fun things for us to do together in the new year :)

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