Saturday, April 23, 2011

OH Bright you didn't! Oh yes i did! TWEET TWEET

Even though Classy warned me not to, ever, i have gone and done it! But let me explain.
You see it's funny how things work out. SOAR always wanted to be a contemporary band while at the same time acknowledging our musical roots and stuff, but as it's worked out we have about a century of musical roots and trends and influences covered. Experiment's love for the music of the 60's is so great that he is deeply rooted, erm, stuck, there (falls over laffin). He doesn't even believe there was a time called the 1950's let alone the 1970's et al. And Charles, well we have no idea really, but he is out there, way out there, so why don't we just agree that he's out there somewhere around 2050, and then there is me, Bright, determined to at least keep up with 2011. Thinks, maybe i should have used this exact same rationale to explain my search for a celebrity girlfriend. Erm, i digress. There you have it - SOAR the BAND of the CENTURY. I should work in advertising, or fraud.
So, this is why i opened another TWITTER account. I knew i must have already opened one when brightoh was already taken hehehe. You WOULD be CRAZY to play along with my twittering but if you DO it may be quite FUNNY too :) Here it is. Use it. Abuse it. Follow it. Whatever.


Now let's do it.
Thanks for reading.
Bright :)


  1. Whoot! I found an egg :)!/BrightOh1

  2. Aha ! This explains the tweet question last night, lol !

  3. RE: the Autism Experience total on

    Whoot! Fantastic effort Mari and all entertainers, artists and winners of bids.