Monday, April 4, 2011

Luxurious Lexicon of Lyrical Luminosity

The third in our bunch of special shows at our Colour Factory gigs on Fridays, is Experiment's. Charles next week. At one of our ground stages, Friday, so don't miss it :) Now over to Experiment.
Welcome to Ex’s Soar Show. A show where I am delving into our songs that I feel have our most significant lyrics to date. Mind you there are more than just the dozen you will be hearing, some of which Bright & Mari acknowledged during their shows the past two Fridays so I skipped some of those so I could fit in some other deserving candidates.
So here is my “Luxurious Lexicon of Lyrical Luminosity”!

A Man Called Peter
An Empty House
The Old Backyard

The Crescent Moon
Kansas Skies
Across a Star Filled Sky

The Painting
Heart of The Crime
Song For a Broken Soul
Living on The Moon
Too Many Tears


  1. Whooot Lots there I love and it's been soooo long since Shadows was played :))

  2. Can't wait til the show, a great line up of songs!

  3. Mmmm cool show EX. I really enjoyed that :)