Thursday, April 7, 2011

How sweet and beautiful it is, and can be.

BOO. You know how i have a blog, and how i pretty much use it to talk about SOAR, well, i have been tempted to get political on it, broadly, worldly political, but then half the world loves you and half the world hates you - i like better odds than that. So here is what i am thinking.
When i found Gold and Dottie's great SL Music Review blog (there's a link over there on the right) i thought then that it would make great sense to at least add other SL Music related sites/blogs as links on mine. But as you can see there is still only one. So PLEASE if you happen to know of a good SL music related site/blog please let me know - it will help me add the best, more quickly.
When i was following some links from SL related blog to blog today i stumbled across one that was instantly appealing to me. It is one i want to explore more for sure. And so i have decided to provide links to non-music related SL sites/blogs as well - and without having so many that it just looks like a list for the sake of having a list. I hope some of you will find this one as appealing as i do, and once again, if you know of others that might just appeal to me, please let me know.

Look for the link to this great blog - over there on the right :)

Aren't art and photography and music and SL some of the grandest of all things in our world :)
Thanks for reading.

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  1. Ohhh nice find Bright. Carrie's beautiful photography, tempts with wonder filled places to explore. Hmmm now where to next?