Sunday, April 10, 2011

Chuck's Fabulous Fundamental Fishing Fiesta Fingy - Hooks and Earworms!

The fourth and final show in this set of shows at The Colour Factory features selections from Charles. Don't miss it! Now, over to Charles.

Chuck's Fabulous Fundamental Fishing Fiesta Fingy - Hooks and Earworms!
I'm hunting down those Catchy Choruses, Magical Melodies, Lingering lullabies of all things keyboardy, acousticky and stuff..
Plus you get me to hear me try and pronounce the name of my show ...

The Mirrors Eye
It's over
Now & Forever
Heart of the Crime
The Storm
That Final kiss
And the sun will shine
Not the Girl
The Hummingbird & Bee
Juliette ( pt 2)
Willow Tree


  1. Aww nice list! haven't heard Camvilla for soooooooo long :)) Looking forward to those hearing all about those earworms chuck :))

  2. Wheee yo got to pronounce it:)) Thanks for a wonderful selection of songs Chuck and for teaching us all about Ear Worms :)

  3. Yeah well see i had no idea what was going on with this show - even during the show. So i emailed Charles after the show and asked him to explain it all again to me, slowly. So here is what Charles told me to do - get an mp3 copy of every song in the list above and then play them all simultaneously. And OMG now i understand.
    It was a great show Charles. Thanks :)

  4. ya know Charles - choosing songs because a lyric or three lingers is probably the only way I could narrow SOAR songs down to a dozen or so.

    I think that Bright fella needs help, poor guy.

    Hmm......... 12 SOAR songs that linger.....Now let me see................