Sunday, April 3, 2011

BE WARNED! I'M MOVIN' ON. Oh, hi there Paris...

The um speculation about my (Bright) love life has reached such a frenzy that i feel the need to make a public statement about the matter - here goes - takes a deep breath.
It was during a gig at the Sunset Jazz Club when Macaria blurted out in chat "Bright is still pining for Juliette". I thought about this revelation, albeit briefly, and then decided that indeed Macaria was correct. As many of you would know i then spent the rest of 2010 searching for Juliette, any Juliette, any number of Juliettes. So confident was i that the search would be successful that Chuck, EX and i even wrote two more songs, namely Juliette Part 2 and Juliette Part 3, to go with our earlier song about SL love, "I Fall", to form the famous SOAR Juliette Trilogy.
By the end of 2010, with still no Juliettes on my arm, another man may have panicked, perhaps even changed his outfit, anything, but not me :) But then - the sign - the way forward became clear. After SOAR were so cruelly denied the Grammy for Best Liner Notes this year i began to receive calls from entertainment industry publicists who were all saying that they wanted to work with SOAR because we had that certain something (though noone ever mentioned exactly what this was). And it was then that i realised that i, me, Bright Oh, needed to move on - move on to a celebrity girlfriend.
And that folks is todays announcement. I am moving on from Juliette, any Juliette, all Juliettes. Naturally to help me decide which celebrity girlfriend the creative team at SOAR, have once again rallied together and written the first song in SOAR's new Celebrity Girlfriend Trilogy, appropriately called PARIS HILTON'S CELL PHONE.
Having debuted the song on the Letterman SHow last Friday, or was it Oprah - i'll get back to you, we debuted the live recording from the show and played that at our Lost Continent gig on Sunday. And yes, some of you weren't there for it!! Tut tut :)
So we are looking forward to playing our new song on high rotation for you, and to commence work on the second song in the trilogy as soon as we have some gossip, lies or inuendos to turn into a song.
As always thanks for being a part of Bright's search......
And for those of you who got to end of this post. Hugs for you :)


  1. Joolia or sumfing like thatApril 4, 2011 at 1:22 AM

    Races off to change her name to Paris or Brittany or ......before all those names are taken.
    So don't want to get stuck with OParee or OBritanee, like I got stuck with when all the Juliettes got taken

  2. Well, I'm here!

    I came.

    I read.

    I laughed.

    I left.

  3. Ohhh Classy - i had no idea you could be so obedient. Thinks about you differently now......

  4. Wheeeee Classy, It's so sad you crashed
    I was there, he sang, I laughed and haven't stopped yet!

    Sure hope it's not too long before you boys write another fun one :))

  5. Fun songs we all like. This one is deff one of those! Can't wait to hear it again! :)