Saturday, April 23, 2011

WEBSITE UPDATES - layout, lyrics, slurl links, and stuff

We are working on a bit of a makeover to our website - hopefully you will find the page with all the links/pages clearly shown an aid to getting around our site. It is now the page that you will see when you go to
In particular more things will have pages of their own - like venues. Everything will still be crammed on to the main page for those of you who like to get a quick picture of all that is going on with SOAR.
Another set of 12 song lyrics has been uploaded for you to download as a PDF. If ever there is a SOAR song lyric that you would like a copy of just let one of the SOAR gang know and we should be able to send them to you :)
Also trying to get slurls linked wherever we have lists of upcoming gigs. I don't use slurls much but for those of you who do we will try to get them all done soon.
And a million other changes - but i forgets.
Thanks for visiting.

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