Sunday, May 22, 2011

Between mist and snow, my friend the rain.

Just can't imagine a world without rain so i just wanted to write a post to the rain to let it know. This post is the first part of my blog series - WHAT I LOVE.

I bet it rained quite often, right up to the time i first started to notice rain. I remember swimming in a river, a calm still river, and stopping and stalking it like a crocodile with my eyes just above the water level, watching big drops of rain splash into the river just inches from my eyes. And umbrellas! man they are fun. They don't always work that well but who doesn't enjoy walking in the rain under an umbrella - even just a bit - until your hair goes frizzy. I like your hair that way - honest. And then there was driving in the rain and being hypnotised by the windshield washers - you know the noise they make - unless they don't make that noise on fancy cars :) And sometimes on long country drives when it started to rain heavily i would pull over to the side of the road and just sit there listening to it beat down on the roof. 
And a house with a tin roof!!! They are the bomb! You ever really listen to the sound of the rain on your roof - how it transmits every slight variation in the intensity of the rain - how you can hear and follow the passage of the wind as it first eases off and lets the rain fall more directly onto the roof but then as the wind increases the intensity of the rain flows and cascades over the roof. 

Who never imagined and who is yet to find out how sweet love making is under a tin roof, or on a tin roof - erm, i digress :)
Some people live in places where it rains a lot and some in places where it hardly rains at all. Some people live in places where it only rains in the monsoon season and others where it only rains in winter but everyone has something in common - we all know when the rain isn't what it is meant to be. I have friends who live where it rains on lots of days during the year, and when it does it rains lots, and they have rich deep soils that soak up the rain so that every tree and grass and root and flower and pumpkin patch is happy any time of the year. I have other friends who live where the cycle of rain and growth is more pronounced, where grass begins to grow after the first rain in early winter and ceases when the rain stops  for the year sometime in early spring.
One thing people all around the world know is when the rain isn't the way it usually is. Too much and floods rip across the landscape - too little and dams and streams and water holes begin to dry up and the scourge of drought on all living things begins to take it's hold.
And so rain, you are on my list of what i love. On the list of things that i will tell martians about when they arrive and ask me what is so special about this place our earth. I will always notice you and miss you when you are gone. You, can rain on my roof anytime.
Wanders off to check the rain gauge :)
Thanks for reading folks.


  1. Best Rain:

    Rain on a tin roof
    Spring rain
    Misty warm rain

  2. Don't forget to tell those Martians to look after the trees, 'cos the beauty of rain soaked leaves sparkling in a brilliant shaft of sunlight, through a dark and heavy sky is jsut wonder filled.

  3. Thank you for your comments Precious and Rebs :) And Rebs - TREES are on my list, and coming soon.

  4. Charles SomersetMay 26, 2011 at 2:59 AM

    Ah Bright I always remember when we worked together in the City you were happy to see and even walk in the rain - and dont forget that line folks in Bright's song - Slow Down Angel ..
    'This tin roof is playing our song for you' - a reference to rain falling on a tin roof while together under the roof with a Lady ...

    A cracking Thunderstorm I enjoy as long as I'm safe - sort of like natures fireworks ..
    Anyway nice one Bright ...

  5. Ohh you can keep the pretty lightning and thundering roar at a distance Chuck :)) It kinda scares me...erm quite a bit lol. Beautiful but scarey.