Monday, May 30, 2011

LOVE WINS - If I Could Wish

LOVE WINS is the second song written as part of our LOVE LETTERS from SECONDLIFE happening in secondlife (SL). The lyrics started out as a letter dropped on the grounds of the Colour Factory in SL waiting for a reply, and in this case, a song.
The letter/lyric has already received its first reply and you can read this on the loveletters website and in the loveletters conservatory at the Colour Factory. Puff.
The song cover for this song was adapted from a wonderful photo taken by our friend Lucky Trouble - you can see her work on flickr. Thank you Trouble :)
Click the TITLE of this blog entry to go and have a listen to LOVE WINS. 

If i could wish upon a star
i'd wish a dream upon your heart
I would paint i would sing
i'd throw caution to the wind

If i could take you anywhere
i'd take you everywhere you've never been
the pyramids the eiffel tower
to the other side of the moon

If i could tell you anything
i'll tell you why you're my everything
you are pink and i am blue
but on your own you changed my world

If i could write i'd write to you
i'd share the wonders of loving you
you are spring and i am fall
but with you i have it all

If i could buy you anything
I'd buy the house that you adore
we would love and we would live
there together for evermore

If i could change one little thing
i'd make the world a smaller place
so i could walk right to your door
from the other side of the world

Because love wins it's everything
and i'm nothing if i cant tell you every single day
no other thing makes me sing
with all the joy your love gives me every single day



  1. Beautiful song and brilliant pic! WTG Trouble :))

  2. Trouble where's a link to your work on flikr?

  3. Bright, I would have to say...I adore this song! I love its words, its melody and how you sing it. I get goosebumps!!! I don't think I could ever tire from hearing it.

    If only you could make my simple words sound so good!!!