Friday, May 13, 2011

OH YEAH BABY Gina Gracemount

Yesterdays SOAR show at the Colour Factory was a funkalicious hoot!!! Thanks everyone for being there. We debuted three brand new songs
Your Candle Burns
Straight From the Heart
Gina Gracemount
Um yes :) that would be correct - we have written a song about our sweet sweet friend and supreme secondlife performer, Gina!! But you will have to come to our shows to hear it :)
Try these for a sample of the lyrics -
Oh yeah baby Gina Gracemout, where you been hiding all of my life. As you can see they are lyrics to die for.
Thank you Gina for being wonderful and letting us get away with this. Find out about Gina here


  1. Whooot!!! Thank yo SOAR and the wonderful Gina for being so much fun. Love you guys

  2. Love you guys so much.. thank you for all the fun, smiles and stunning music you give the whole group! xxx

  3. Great fun song! As was the show!

  4. Well hi there girls :) Thank you for being part of the mayhem and fun whenever you are at our shows. We woulda got bored by now without you :)

  5. Charles SomersetMay 16, 2011 at 6:59 AM

    Yeah Bright I'd second that - thanks again Girls - makes performing more fun with you in the audience