Thursday, May 5, 2011


Most of you will already know the fun of having land to call your own in SecondLife. When time permits i think building and landscaping are some of the very best bits of SL - fumbles for my list of the other things :)
The Colour Factory (TCF) is built in the sky so we have always had the ground to play with, and we have held a few concerts down there too. We primarily built TCF in the sky because it is such a big build and from my experience big builds can dominate a sim and easily affect the perspective of other things on the sim - buildings, trees whatever. TCF has more than a quarter of a sim but i don't think it would have fit :) And, the build isn't in keeping with the theme of the rest of Cari's lovely sim.
Recently we did find some time to do some building and redesigning of the ground that Mari and RebelMum had so sweetly put together, and, it includes a brand new outdoor stage! WHEEE.
It's the bright squarish thing top centre of the overhead photo of our part of the sim. We are also extending the lake as the new bridge over it did dwarf it a little.
I'm excited - hehehe, and it's been great fun and we hope to have a SOAR concert there real soon. It's close enough to finished for you to visit it anytime you like now - and i hope you will :)
Wanders off to mix more cement.
Whistles a happy tune.
Thanks for reading.


  1. It looks wonderful so far and can't wait til it finished. Well done!

    Deff agrees about the best bits of SL , I think the number is 17 for me ;)

  2. Hehehe Precious. I'll never make fun of the number 17 :)