Saturday, May 14, 2011

Celtic Amazon Warriors Hunt For Life

The Colour Factory is happily following up its involvement with Relay For Life (RFL) at the Fantasie Faire with our inclusion in the HUNT FOR LIFE. Here's the goss on it :)
The Hunt for Life is a Fantasy/Roleplay themed hunt with awesome stores taking part and fantastic prizes! The Hunt for Life is being run as a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society through the RFL in SecondLife.
The hunt runs from May 16 until July 16.
You can read the Hunt blog - just look for the link in the right hand column.
The vendors used to accept donations for the hunt huds are provided by the RFL SL group which is a BBB accredited charity -
More information about RFL SL -
All hunt queries to Mairearad Islay in SL or via her hunt blog.
Checks Bright's picks in SL for a landmark to the hunt HQ in SL (for purchase of the hud to use in the hunt etc)
Thanks for reading.
Hope it's a great event for you Mairearad :)

1 comment:

  1. Whoo hooo I've been a hunting! there's some fantastic prizes form some really cool shops.

    At the Colour Factory are some cool fantasy / fae prizes (4) all textured with a wonderful rainbow coloured piece of Lettie's art called Inseperable.