Monday, November 1, 2010

9,402 songs in itunes - or sumfin like that

Some folks ask me why they don’t see me at other SL venues much, listening to other musos. And that’s been true pretty much. My itunes programme asks me the same question - what’s the point of having 9,402 songs if i never play them. My itune programme exaggerates, just like i do - funny that huh, but there is something going on here.
I just love music and as time goes by my interest in it gets broader and broader. Now there are only a handful of genres that i struggle to appreciate. And i am staggered by the wonders that songwriters, performers and producers produce. Truly it is one of the bestest reasons to be alive.
Take a song, any song that fills your soul every time you hear it, and remember that moment when you heard it for the first time - irreplaceable wonders. Bright thinks - i’m thinking of the KD Lang version of Jane Siberry’s song ‘Love Is Everything’. What a joy.
But, when i’m in a period of writing a lot of my own songs, i just can’t listen to anything else. It is as if i go through a time of listening and listening and absorbing and absorbing and then close all that down and focus on letting music flow out of me rather than into me. I don’t know whether this makes me normal or way out there on my own, its just the way i am.
There is another thread or two to this though, erm, if you are interested :)
First one. Every now and then i threaten to do some covers shows and sing all the songs i love so much. But same thing pretty much - i can’t comfortably do both, covers and originals.
Second one. Some days i REALLY miss some singer in particular. For example, lets just say i feel the need to be immersed in Jeff Buckleys fantastic album, Grace, well i think, nopes i can’t risk it, it will overwhelm me and everything that i think wonderful music should be and i will find it harder to pick up my guitar, strum a chord and open my mouth.
Third one. Even in SL there are singers that amaze. I admire them. And you know what - there must be a part of me that wishes i was them, or at least as good as them, or sumfin, and then once again i am afraid that next time i pick up my guitar, and strum a chord, and open my mouth, that nothing will come out!
When Experiment and Charles and i got together and decided to play only our original songs in SL we really had no idea how it would go or how long we would do it. It was a fun and short term commitment at the time. Not many people know this, and a few more will now :) but i loath my guitar playing and frankly i wouldn’t listen to myself sing, EVER! But for the purposes of SOAR i told the guys that i would suck up those feelings pretty much and listen to what other people say for a change, and then sing like there is no tomorrow. Oh dear, exaggeration slipped in again :)
But you know what - there is still a part of me that must be afraid. Or sumfin :)

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