Thursday, November 25, 2010

Why don't we write more songs together?

I don't have the list in front of me, but it's true, the three bad boys of ballads haven't written too many songs together. Lemme see - there is MYSTERY GIRL -  it's been in our shows for a long time, then there is I CALLED YOU ON THE PHONE - we just started playing this one, and well, that's it. 
Some of you have been teased with the prospect of another named FISHIES, and i have specifically made the offer to the wonderful Macaria (she who first uttered the line - he is still pining for Juliette) that we would sing FISHIES at her wedding. On reviewing the lyrical content of the song, the offer still stands, but at the party afterwards :) And Mac, if you are reading this, we DON'T do sham marriages ok - so no making an alt and getting hitched. That would just be a waste of 25L.
What mostly happens is that we write individually, and some of our most fruitful songwriting comes about in pairs with Experiment being the common link - so Charles and Experiment and Bright and Experiment.
It's not that it's harder to write with all three of us, it's just way harder to organise. The three of us have never lived real close to each other - about the closest we ever got was within 50 miles (80 kms), and currently it is closer to 180 miles (300 kms). 
The internet does allow us to contribute to each others songs by sending tracks back and forth to each other, and lyrical collaboration is quite easy by email, but the simple creative pleasure of sitting down in the same room bouncing songs ideas offa each other is one we rarely get these days. And, it is something i hope we get to do again just so we can see what happens :)

Now to the avid readers of my blog, YES, this entry was just to buy time before i do the first of the entries about how particular songs were written. Soon. Promise :)

Be kind to yourselves.


  1. mhmm I reckon it would be fun to put you three in a room and listen :))

  2. Hmmm! I wonder how much time ya think this blog WILL buy? Go on, spill the stories! We want ALL the gos on the Bad Boys of Ballads.

  3. I'd imagine lots of laughter, lots of teasing, lots pacing, lots of interuptions and all of this wrapped up in a lovely creative energy.

  4. Wheee! Beautiful photographs M. Bright!

  5. Ahhhh Whisper :) Don't forget the need to grease the dumpster.

  6. Great photos of the colour factory 2 bright and beautiful looks like it will be amazing great job to you both :)


  7. Hey Bright!
    Love the RL photographs! The flowers are beautiful, great shots with a glimpse of amazing scenery. I love seeing pictures of Australia.

    Oh and the pup sitting there looking like he owns the world is so cute.