Friday, November 19, 2010

RINA WINS BIG - well medium big, in 2nd SONG CONTEST

That's right folks, the sweet and wonderful Rina Miles won the 2nd of our Bedside-Concert-Competitions, and a SOAR concert of her own is her prize!!!! And we are sure looking forward to doing a show for Rina :)
Thank you to everyone who voted and voted and voted - almost 2500 votes were cast. We are just so happy that this idea has been something you guys have found as much fun as we have. THANK YOU!!
We have the 3rd and final competition starting in the next day or so so keep an eye out for that. AND, we are adding a 2000L cash prize to the SOAR concert, for the winner.
The top 8 songs in the 2nd competition were -

The Only One
Now and Forever
Song for a Broken Soul
Only For You
Kansas Skies
The Sound of Hello

Our special thanks and acknowledgement to our real life buddy Charles Watson who wrote THE ONLY ONE, and to young Chance, whose wonderful words are at the heart of SONG FOR A BROKEN SOUL.



  1. Was a wonderful Round Two and I second everything that Bright said. Good onya Rina!!


  2. Well done to the winners so far *seethes with jealousy* You just make it TOO HARD ... so many wonderful songs to choose from :)

  3. Yayyy Rina!!