Thursday, November 11, 2010


Yups it's up and running! A whole new batch of 24 SOAR songs for you to vote from. Same rules. Same prizes as the first. And the same fun we hope :)
Remember that the vote board is at a new location so it will take a little bit more finding. Next time i'm inlife i will put a link in my profile PICS. Otherwise just watch out for SOAR Pandemonium notices, ask one of the bad-boys-of-ballads, or Mari and Rebs, or anyone of them smart looking SOARINGS :)
Experiment has all 24 songs loaded for playing from our website if you would like to refresh your memory of any of the songs.
Thanks for playing along with us with these competitions.
Good luck.
Bright :)


  1. I am definetly better in Round 2! I don't think I have missed a day:)) then again, EX has me well trained!


  2. YAY! for Ex's training! It must be working because we have 44 of you trying for the prize and new people joining the fun every day:) and every vote you make gives you another chance to win.

  3. Decisions Decisions!!!!

    Voting has been pretty easy as one of my favourites is up this time. Yet I find myself staring at the board hesitating...hands on hips, head cocked to the side, pensive look...contemplating. Why am I drawn to that song over there? could be its artwork, or I remember the lyrics, or when I heard the song last it made me feel some emotion, or provoke a memory; it could be the mood I am in or it could be I feel sorry for it as it has less votes than some others. So now and again a different song gets my votes...then I suffer the guilt of being disloyal to my favourite!!!


  4. HA Whisper!!! Aint that the truth. I don't get to vote but i feel exactly the same emotions - especially the guilt one - could we have sung that song more recently - is in the wrong spot on the board - who chose this group of 24 songs anyways :)
    But thanks to everyone who has managed to overcome all these emotions and join in the fun of it.

  5. also following the well go listen to this one its the one ex amples and st the moment am listening to new ones hmmmmmm vote vote vote u know the guys are in danger if i win hehehehe

    Harmmony what rhymes with that bright and be nice lol